How I Pass the Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP) Exam in first attempt

Business analysis is known as a research discipline which identifies business needs and determinants solution to business problems. And a business analyst is a person who works with the organization to help them improve their processes and Systems.

How to pass the CBAP exam on the first attempt?

CCBA CERTIFICATION” is a professional certification from IIBA for the business analysis tractor tuners who want to be recognized for their expertise and skills.” CCBA TRAINING” course which covers the basic skills needed by the business analyst. 

 1st Step : 

The first step is to be familiar with the exam format and basics. You need to be much acquainted with the IIBA exam blueprint when you think about what questions will come in your exam and in what proportion. According to IIBA’s official guidance, The CBAP is as follows – business analysis planning and monitoring cover 14%, Requirements life cycle management covers 15%, elicitation and collaboration covers 12%, strategy analysis covers 15%, requirements analysis, and design definition covers 30%, and solution evolution covers 14%. This was all about the division of the exam.

2nd Step : 

The second step is to read the BABOK content knowledge. This is a central text used for all the IIBA’s core BA certifications and must be studied In-depth as a part of your preparation. This exam does not only want the students to recall the correct definitions of the questions but also provides specific scenarios in Either scenario-based or case study questions. This scenario question answers that the student recalls and applies all the BABOK Principles.

3rd Step : 

The third step is to practice for your exam. There are many candidates Who played like after reading the BABok book, all their preparation is done, but this is not sufficient. The students should also go for practice or mock exams to make their preparation stronger. By giving the practice exam, you will get to know which areas you are still lacking and which are the topics you are the most confident about. After knowing the areas of improvement, you can work on them before the exam So that you won’t find any difficulty there. Also, solving practice papers give you confidence and boost up your skills.

4th step : 

The next step is, to be honest with yourself when you are accessing the exam readiness. After you were done with all your practice tests and completed the course, you should see if you have actually settled all the concepts and topics in your mind or not. When you Become honest and excess yourself with the exam readiness, it will help you to decide How much preparation you are still lagging. Every student has a different mind and capability to learn and adapt things; You should not feel ashamed if you take more time to ask compared to your friends in preparing for the exam. You should remember one thing the more you prepare; the more are your chances of getting the exam on the very first attempt.

5th step : 

the most crucial step is to know when to take the exam. After you have done all your preparation now, it’s time to should you your exam. Take sufficient time, And don’t make any hurry for scheduling the exam. Often you have completed the most test, and you feel much confident that you can pass the exam easily. Then you should schedule your exam on the nearest date. As the final week of the exam rolls in, You should revise all your notes and read the entire BABoK, At least three at this stage.

6th Step :

 Now comes the final exam day. The night before the exam should be a relaxing one for you. Did you stay up late and study? You might feel drowsy during the exam. So it is always advisable to sleep and relax before the exam. When you read your question paper, mark the questions you are most confident about and attend them first. You should not waste much time on a single question and move to the next one. I still have completed all the known answers then you should go for the questions you have not attempted yet. Do not leave any question blank; even if you don’t know the exact answer, try guessing the answer and write it down with all the knowledge you have gained in the previous days. You never know which guessed answer of yours could be correct. Give the exam in full confidence and ace it.

The above-mentioned steps are very necessary and important in order to pass the CNAP Exam on the first attempt. Every Aspiring Candidate should follow all these steps and work accordingly.