How long can a tortoise go without pooping?

How long can a tortoise go without pooping?

How Long Can A Sulcata Tortoise Go Without Pooping. Not every sulcata tortoise is going to poop at the same time, some go every second day, and some every fourth. The average is two to three days, which means that if your sulcata hasn’t gone in five to seven days, it’s time to start seeing if there is a problem.

Why is my tortoise eating but not pooping?

If you’re certain your tortoise isn’t pooping frequently enough, and their behaviour is off (for example they are not eating properly) then again it would probably be worth a visit to the vet as there is the possibility that they have something obstructing their gut.

What do I do if my tortoise is dehydrated?

Fill with warm water to about 1/2 way up the shell. Add electrolytes (see sidebar) as needed or desired. Soak for 15-30 minutes. Soaking tortoises often urinate- you may see the water swirl behind it- or defecate.

Why is my tortoise not moving at all?

I checked on my tortoise today, and she doesn’t seem to be moving. She has lighting, water, food, everything. I didn’t heat over the night because I read that as long as the temperature was over 62, it was fine. I did the previous nights though.

How long can a tortoise go without eating?

When it comes to how long a tortoise can go without eating there is a broad range of time, based on several factors. The short and quick answer is that a tortoise can go anywhere from 6 months to 3 years without eating. Like I said, a broad range.

When does a tortoise go into hibernation do they stop eating?

Tortoises will stop eating in the days or even weeks before they go into hibernation. It is very important that they do so because they are cleaning out their intestines in preparation.

Why is my captive tortoise not eating anything?

Often the cause of not eating in captive tortoises is dehydration. All of my tortoises will eat within a few minutes of being given a bath. Here is a photo of my tortoises having their daily bath. This is more than sufficient to get them eating.