How long do albino Corn Snakes live in captivity?

How long do albino Corn Snakes live in captivity?

15-20 years
In captivity, since there is no incidence of predation, and coloration is no longer a factor in survival, the average lifespan for an albino corn snake is 15-20 years.

What is the best cage for a corn snake?

Adult Corn snakes will need at least a 40 gallon terrarium. A secure, lockable slidingscreen lid is essential for safely housing these snakes. Zoo Med’s ReptiHabitat™ terrariums are an excellent choice for Corn snakes. A Repti Shelter™, Habba Hut™, or Cork Bark will provide a secure hiding place to help reduce stress.

How big can an albino corn snake get?

Albino Corn Snakes grow to the same size as wild-type Corn Snakes, usually around 3 to 6 feet long.

Do Corn Snakes need big cages?

Ideal Corn Snake Housing and Enclosure Requirements The minimum size enclosure for a single adult corn snake should have the dimensions of a standard 20-gallon long aquarium—12 inches wide, 30 inches long and 12 inches tall. Plastic shoeboxes or vivaria can work for juveniles until they reach about 18 inches in length.

What is the lifespan of a Corn Snake?

6 – 8 yearsIn the wild
Corn snake/Lifespan

How much does an albino corn snake cost?

The Albino Corn Snake is a very popular medium-sized snake, available in a wide variety of morphs and colors, which is easily purchased for around $40 USD. A great pet for any owner, no matter their experience. corn snakes have a docile nature and enjoy being handled once tamed and used to captivity.

How big does a corn snake cage need to be?

The Critter Condo cage is a great choice for large adult corn snakes. It measures 48” x 24” x 24”, so is appropriate for corn snakes that are up to 6 feet long. This is the largest corn snakes can get, so your snake will have a home for life.

What kind of light does an albino corn snake need?

There are no specific lighting requirements for an albino corn snake. Natural light patterns are perfectly suitable, but enclosures should never be directly next to a window as you cannot control the sun’s position or heat intensity.

Can a corn cage be a proper habitat?

The cage is simply the enclosure in which your pet snake will reside. It’s a glass or plastic box. It doesn’t become a habitat until you add heating, lighting, substrate, etc. And that’s what we are going to talk about in this article — how to turn a corn snake cage into a proper habitat. A picture of “Rusty,” one of my normal corns.