How long does a pet degu live?

6-7 years
Degus are small, social and vocal rodents. They have long silky coats that are grey-brown tinged, and a long, thin tail with a tufted, black tip. Typically degus can live for 6-7 years in captivity.

How long can degus live alone?

As long as they have the company of a contemporary, gerbils, guinea pigs, chipmunks, degus and rabbits can be left alone during the day without any problems. If they do not have company they will waste away. The exception to this is hamsters, which live alone anyway.

At what age are degus weaned?

about 3 weeks
In degus, normal weaning begins at about 3 weeks of age [12]. Degu pups need 4 or 5 weeks for complete weaning, while taking in both solid food and milk afterwards [13].

Why are my female degus fighting?

If your degus have suddenly started fighting more, and it’s between November-April, then the cause is going to be breeding season hormones. Note that it is very common for degus to fight the worst during their first breeding season after puberty, and subsequent breeding seasons are usually much calmer!

Can I have just one degu?

Since degus are social and friendly animals, you should be able to put your degus in one cage without a lot of problems. There will be some squabbles to establish hierarchy but this will only take a few weeks and will be limited in length.

Should I get a male or female Degu?

Degu Needs As mentioned above, Degus are highly social animals and should not be kept alone. A family of two or more Degus is always preferred. Male and female Degus should not be mixed as they are likely to fight or breed, or possibly breed and then fight.

Do degus have periods?

Thus, degus have spontaneous and regularly occurring estrous cycles with functional corpora lutea. At consistent intervals, we observed cycles of vaginal patency and heightened locomotor activity typical of estrus in most rodents [20, 31, 32].

Do male and female degus fight?

Girl degus will fight for dominance occasionally but usually not as much as the male do. So this type of dominance behavior is common to see in both male and female degus in one way or another and it can seem a little aggressive, but it usually doesn’t last that long.

Will degus fight to the death?

Degus will tend to fight more during the breeding season, which is winter-spring time, as the breeding hormones cause a greater need for dominance. This is serious fighting, and can cause injury, as both Degus are unwilling to back down and fight to the death.

How are degus taught to come to their owner?

They pick things up very quickly and this is easily reinforced by giving small amounts of food or grooming as a reward. Degus have been taught to come to their owner when called by name, get in and out of their cage on demand, tug on a trouser leg when they want attention and climb onto and open hand when asked. Do my degus know their names?

Why does a degu squeak when it is mating?

The bark is used mainly by male degus after mating, but also by females as a non-immediate territorial alarm, and is very repetitive; the degu will often squeak like this for several minutes, even hours! It is most commonly used after a male has mated with a female, or occasionally after dominance mounting with another male.

What should I do if my degus is grooming me too hard?

Alternatively, your degu may simply be grooming you a little enthusiastically, so try showing him it hurts you by making a ‘squeaking’ noise and moving your hand away. This is how degus tell each other they are being groomed too hard. My degus are female and are now about 2 and a half months old.

When does the dying process start in a dog?

It’s important to recognize that the dying process in dogs (much like that in humans) takes place months, weeks, and days prior to actual death. Dying, therefore, starts happening well before actual death occurs, and the process is a very individual experience.

Can a male degus live with a Female degus?

However, male Degus should not be paired with female Degus as they are liable to fight. In the wild, a Degu will live with a large family unit similar to prairie dogs in an underground complex tunnels system. Degus are natural explorers and love to climb, dig, and explore their surroundings.

How long does it take for a degus to mate?

After 6 weeks Degus should be separated into different cages for different sexes, so the siblings do not mate and cause genetic diseases to the offspring. The female will be ready to mate again after around 5 weeks, although this should not be allowed. The pups will suckle the females milk for the first week, before moving onto solid food.

When to separate the male and female degu?

The Male and female need to be kept separate a few days after the birth as the female becomes fertile again and should not become pregnant at all costs as this will cause too much stress.

When do you take degus out of the cage?

After birth any male adults in the cage will need to be removed to prevent any pregnancy during the following 4-5 days, and the mother should be allowed at least a year to regain strength and recover before mixing Degus during the breeding season again.

Can you have only one degu?

Degus are social animals that live in large groups in the wild. In general, it’s recommended to keep at least a pair of degus. There are some rare cases where a degu is (temporarily) kept as a solitary pet. Caring for one degu can even be more difficult than caring for a pair or small group of degus.

At what age are degus fully grown?

around 53-55 weeks old
Degus are usually fully adult at around 53-55 weeks old22 and at this age are generally fully reproductively competent. The average age of first conception in wild degus is 6 months51 , 52, but this can vary between 45 days to 20 months52!

What does it mean when a degu squeaks?

A rapid succession of squeaks usually signifies that the degu is scared; it is attention-grabbing, so you’ll know to check on your degu if you hear it. Hopefully, you’ll hear your degu make a warbling or chirping sound — this should be music to your ears, as it means that your pet is happy and content.

Should I get 2 degus?

Degus tend to live between five to nine years, being highly social animals Degus should never be housed alone. We recommend a pairing of two Degus or more to promote a family structure for your Degu. However, male Degus should not be paired with female Degus as they are liable to fight.