How many colors do corn snakes come in?

Corn Snakes come in a ton of different colors, commonly referred to as morphs. So, just how many different Corn Snake colors are available? Somewhere in the 700-800 range. That’s right – there’s a ton of variations of Corn Snake morphs.

How many types of corn snakes are there?

Okeetee Corn Snake
Candycane Corn SnakeHypomelanistic Corn SnakeMiami Phase Corn Snake
Corn snake/Breeds

Do corn snakes change color?

Many corn snake morphs change colors as they age (ontogenetic color change).

What are the different colors of cornsnakes?

One of the most delicately colored cornsnake morphs is the lavender corn snake. A lovely anerythristic corn snake morph, the lavender corn snake has a base color that ranges from a grayish-silver to an almost purple in the large darker-colored “saddles.”

What does a color morph corn snake look like?

A color morph corn snake is defined as being a snake which still has its recognisable dark ringed splotches, but differs in its typical coloration, which can either be seen in the background color, the marking color, or both simultaneously.

What kind of snakes come in different colors?

Hatchlings can come in a variety of colors depending on their genetics. Another body view of an amelanistic corn snake. Here are some ventral scales of an amelanistic corn snake. Head and eye shot of an amel corn snake. Amel corn snake profile shot. More ventral scales. A young Dark Cloud corn snake. Note that this snake is a motley.

What kind of color does a amber corn snake have?

Amber corn snakes are a combination of the caramel and hypo genes. Their scale colors can be lovely combinations of tan, golden brown and grey with touches of yellow. Amelanistic (amel) corn snakes do not have the dark pigment, thus giving them red eyes and leaving bright color combinations of red, orange, yellow and white for the scale colors.

What are all the types of corn snakes?

There are more than 220 corn snake morphs, or varieties, each with different colors and patterns. The four original corn snake morphs are normal, albino or amelanistic, snow and anerythristic. There is a large variety in the appearances and colors found in corn snakes, so reptile hobbyists often call this the designer snake.

What are the different corn snake breeds?

Corn snakes are popular pet snakes included in the Elaphe guttata species of rat snakes. The two subspecies of this constrictor snake are indigenous to North America. They are the corn snake and the red rat snake, known by other common names such as the chicken snake, the rat snake, and the eastern corn snake.

Are corn snakes poisonous?

Corn snakes are small- to medium-sized, brownish-orange, non- venomous snakes which are indigenous to the southeastern segment of the United States, but which may be kept as pets by individuals in many different countries. Due to an absence of venom, corn snake bites are usually only a minor injury.

Where can you buy a pet corn snake?

You can buy a pet snake from a local pet store or supermarkets such as Walmart. Depending on the breed of corn snake you are purchasing supermarket prices usually are between twelve and forty American dollars. Local pet stores have prices specific to their stores, due to it being a local business.

What are all the colors of corn snakes?

Corn Snake Morphs Color Chart

Morph Color Rank
Normal Reddish-brown blotches on light brown or gray. 20
Okeetee Deep red or burnt orange dorsal blotches and a medium brown or deep orange base. 2
Opal Almost white with a faint yellow patterning and burgundy eyes. 30
Palmetto White with random red, orange, and yellow scales. 4

Hypomelanistic Corn SnakeMiami Phase Corn SnakeCandycane Corn Snake

Can corn snakes be black?

Normal corn snakes (sometimes called Classics) have scale colors like those corns that are found in the wild. Their scale colors can be combinations of brown, orange, red, golden yellow and black.