How many new plants are discovered each year?

How many new plants are discovered each year?

Yet plants that are new to science are still being described, at a rate of about 2,000 a year. Scientists at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, discovered and named more than 100 new plants in 2018. Their list of the top new plants includes carnivorous pitcher plants, exotic orchids and climbers with untapped medicinal powers.

Where did Aiah Lebbie find a new species of plant?

Herb found in a waterfall. Prof Aiah Lebbie discovered an unusual plant clinging to rocks near a water fall in Sierra Leone. He collected a specimen and sent it to Kew, where it was identified as a new species. The plant, Lebbiea Grandiflora, has been named after him.

What was the name of the new plant found in Guinea?

The new plant, named Kindia gangan, is a member of the coffee family. Kew scientists on a field trip spotted it growing on sandstone cliffs near the town of Kindia in Guinea in West Africa. Biological extracts suggest the plant may have medicinal applications, perhaps even anti-cancer properties.

Are there any new plants discovered in the garden?

10 New Plant Species Discovered by Garden Scientists in 2019. Trillium delicatum. For the most part, plant species new to science are found in tropical areas. But novelties can still be discovered in the United Anisacanthus grace-woodiae. Syngonium litense. Schradera condorica. Polystichum

Who was the first scientist to discover a new plant?

The type, or defining specimen, of this new species was collected by a team of Garden botanist led by George Schatz from the Parc National Montagne D’Ambre (for which it is named) and described as new by Garden botanist Gordon McPherson.

How many new plant species are discovered each year?

Each year, the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Science and Conservation staff discover and name about 200 plant species new to science. That’s about 10 percent of all plant species discovered by scientists worldwide annually. Discovery is the first crucial step in plant conservation.

Where did Aaron Floden discover new plant species?

For instance, this new species of Trillium was discovered in Georgia by Garden botanist Aaron Floden and colleagues. Species of Trillium can be difficult to recognize strictly based on their appearances, so genetic markers were used to study this new species and distinguish it from its relatives.