How many Parrotts were in the Whitworth rifle?

How many Parrotts were in the Whitworth rifle?

In all, two 80-pounder Whitworths, nine 100-pounder Parrotts, six 200-pounder Parrotts, and a 300-pounder Parrott were deployed. It was widely believed in the north that massive 10-in Parrott would finally break the previously impenetrable walls of the fort, which had become the symbol of stalwart steadfastness for the Confederacy.

When did Henry J Hunt get rid of the Parrott rifle?

At the end of 1862, Henry J. Hunt attempted to get the Parrott eliminated from the Army of the Potomac ‘s inventory, preferring the 3-inch Ordnance rifle. During battles when the Parrott gun would burst, artillerists would chip out the jagged parts and continue firing.

What kind of cast iron was a Parrott made out of?

Parrotts were manufactured with a combination of cast and wrought iron. The cast iron made for an accurate gun, but was brittle enough to suffer fractures. Hence, a large wrought iron reinforcing band was overlaid on the breech to give it additional strength.

What was the range of a 100 pound Parrott rifle?

Naval versions of the 20-, 30-, 60-, and 100-pound Parrotts were also used by the Union navy. The 100-pound naval Parrott could achieve a range of 6,900 yards (6,300 meters) at an elevation of 25 degrees, or fire an 80-pound shell 7,810 yards (7,140 m) at 30 degrees elevation.

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