How much do albino Burmese pythons cost?

How Much Is An Albino Ball Python?

Albino Snake Facts
Scientific Name Python Regius
Price $300 to $500
Size 3 – 5 feet long
Lifespan 20 to 30 years

When was the importation of Burmese pythons banned?

The importation of Burmese pythons was banned in the United States in January 2012 by the U.S. Department of the Interior. A 2012 report stated, “in areas where the snakes are well established, foxes and rabbits have disappeared.

How big is the world record for a Burmese python?

In general, individuals over 5 m (16 ft 5 in) are rare. The record maximum length for Burmese pythons is held by a female named “Baby”, that lived at Serpent Safari, Gurnee, Illinois, for 27 years. Shortly after death, her actual length was determined to be 5.74 m (18 ft 10 in).

Is the Burmese python an invasive species in Florida?

Invasive species (United States) Native bird populations are suffering a negative impact from the introduction of the Burmese python in Florida; among these bird species, the hunting of wood stork by the Burmese python is of specific concern considering that it is listed as federally endangered.

Are there any natural predators of the Burmese python?

It is a good climber and has a prehensile tail. There are natural predators of the Burmese python, like the tiger and the king cobra. Python invasion has been particularly extensive, notably across South Florida, where a large number of pythons can now be found in the Florida Everglades.

Where can I find albino Burmese python?

The Albino Burmese Python is native to southern and southeastern Asia. They are found in tropic and subtropical areas, usually in trees and often near water and seem to be a semi-aquatic species. This species has established itself quite well in the Florida everglades , due to owners who cannot handle them anymore and releasing them.

What are the natural predators of the Burmese python?

Burmese pythons have no “natural” predators in the Everglades . Although they do got predators. The common predators for the Burmese pythons are we humans and alligators. Other predators include American crocodiles, black bears, and cougars.

What do Burmese pythons eat in the wild?

Burmese pythons can eat 5% to 50% of their body size, so the size of their prey changes throughout their lives. Smaller or younger Burmese pythons often feed on small mammals, such as rats, mice, and other similar sized warm-blooded animals. They also feed on both domestic and wild birds, as well as frogs and other smaller snakes.

Do Burmese pythons live in the rainforest?

Burmese pythons are mainly nocturnal rainforest dwellers. When young, they are equally at home on the ground and in trees, but as they gain girth, they tend to restrict most of their movements to the ground. They are also excellent swimmers, being able to stay submerged for up to half an hour.

Are albino Burmese pythons endangered?

Until 2009, it was considered a subspecies of Python molurus, but is now recognized as belonging to a distinct species….

Burmese python
Vulnerable (IUCN 3.1)
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata

Where is it illegal to own a Burmese python?

Like all nonnative reptile species, Burmese pythons are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty law and can be humanely killed on private property with landowner permission.