How much does a panther chameleon cost?

How much does a panther chameleon cost?

Panther Chameleon Facts

Common Name Jungle Chameleon
Price $150 – $500
Size 8 – 20 inches
Lifespan 2 to 7 years
Diet Insectivorous

Can you buy panther chameleon?

Looking for a pet chameleon for sale? panther chameleons for sale are available online at! Offering everything from baby Ambilobe chameleon, as well as baby blue ambanja panther cham for sale, baby nosey be panther chame nosey faly chameleon, as well as sambava chameleons.

Are panther chameleons illegal?

The veiled chameleon, panther chameleon, Jacksons chameleon and most common chameleon species in the pet trade are all CITES II. Because those pet chameleons are on the CITES II list, they can be kept and traded freely as long as they have the right paperwork.

Who are the people who breed panther chameleons?

There are people who call themselves a panther chameleon breeder, or panther chameleon breeders who do nothing more than import wild caught panthers for sale.

Where can I buy a chameleon for sale?

Welcome to the largest online list of all known reputable breeders with chameleons for sale in the United States and Canada. Includes Panther, Veiled, Jackson’s, Carpet, and more species. Find a quality animal for sale and support a local breeder near you!

Can a wild caught Ambilobe panther chameleon be sold?

A wild-caught Ambilobe panther chameleon for sale cannot be properly aged and because of this, a seemingly healthy chameleon may be older than you think, and therefore may have a shorter lifespan simply do to the age the animal is when you purchase it. As panther chameleon breeders, our favorite locale to work with is the Ambilobe.

How often can I See my panther chameleon?

Panther Chameleons. With this subscription, you will basically have an experienced panther chameleon breeder (myself) on “retainer” to help answer/solve any specific chameleon husbandry questions, issues, and/or concerns you may have. I will hold these LIVE online sessions tri-weekly (e.g. M/W/Sun) for 1-2hrs every week via Zoom.

What are predators to panther chameleons?

Predators. Chameleons are at the bottom of the food chain. Snakes, birds such as shrikes, coucals , and horn-bills, and sometimes, even monkeys would also prey upon the panther chameleons. Conservation Status. These chameleons are not endangered. The IUCN 3.1 has categorized the panther chameleon under the LC (‘Least Concerned’) species list.

How many types of panther chameleons are there?

The panther chameleon ( Furcifer pardalis) is actually 11 different species, according to a new study published in the journal Molecular Ecology . Michel Milinkovitch, a professor of genetics, evolution, and biophysics at the University of Geneva along with colleagues in Madagascar say that the panther chameleon is actually 11 different species.

Where can you buy a panther chameleon?

Panther chameleons are commonly available from reputable breeders and can usually be found at local reptile shops, reptile shows or through the Internet. Ambilobes are the most common locale; however, others, such as Nosy Be , are becoming more widely available.

What is a threat to the panther chameleon?

There are no major threats to Panther chameleons at present. According to IUCN, the Panther chameleon is abundant and widespread throughout its range but no overall population estimate is available. However, there are estimated 451,730 individuals of this species on the island of Nosy Be in northeastern Madagascar.