How much does a rabies shot for a dog cost?

How much does a rabies shot for a dog cost?

The cost of a rabies vaccine will vary depending on your provider. Typically, the vaccine costs between $30 and $50. Related Video: Which Vaccines Does My Dog Need?

How often do rabies shots need to be given?

There are rabies vaccines that are labeled as being effective for either one year or three years, though the actual contents of the vaccine may be the same. Labeling is a legal matter of testing and proof, and the difference between the two vaccines is the testing done by the manufacturer.

What should I do if my dog gets rabies?

Not to mention, if your dog is not up to date on her rabies vaccine and she bites, gets bitten or has a wound of unknown origin that could possibly be a bite, the state law may require that your pet be quarantined or even euthanized to keep other pets and people safe.

Can a dog have a seizure after a rabies shot?

These acute reactions aren’t necessarily limited to the rabies vaccine but can happen with any shots. Seizures (these can be immediate upon vaccination but can also occur in 7 to 9 days which is when the rabies antibodies develop)

How much does rabies shot cost for a dog?

We found that the average cost of a rabies vaccine is $404, ranging from $167 to $957. We found the breakdown of costs are as follows: Estimated cost for the procedure: $327. Estimated cost for the office visit: $77.

How painful are rabies shots?

Rabies vaccine is not painful. It just stings a bit when the needle is pierced into the skin just like any other vaccine. A vaccine, like any medicine, is capable of causing serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of a vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small.

What shots do dogs need yearly?

Annual Shots. After the first year, a dog should receive an annual booster of rabies, parvo virus, distempr, and any other vaccinations he may need according to your veterinarian. Boosters can also be given in higher doses that only require an injection every three years.

Where can you get free rabies shots?

You can get FREE rabies vaccination (at select Vaccination Clinics ONLY) if you live in the following target zip codes: 78201, 78202, 78203, 78204, 78207, 78208, 78210, 78211, 78212, 78213, 78214, 78218, 78220, 78221, 78222, 78223, 78224, 78225, 78227, 78228, 78237, 78242 Check out our events calendar…