How much should a 9 inch bearded dragon eat?

Healthy adult bearded dragons should eat around 10 crickets per day OR 20 crickets every other day.

How big do girl bearded dragons get?

16 to 19 inches
Bearded dragons are sexually dimorphic but this is subtler than most pet lizards. Differences between males and females can be seen by their femoral pores, bumps on their tail’s ventral area and physical size. Females are typically 16 to 19 inches in length.

How big is a newly hatched bearded dragon?

Hatchlings are newly hatched bearded dragons. They measure below 4 inches, typically 2-4 inches in length. 2. Baby bearded dragon: 0-2 months old Baby bearded dragons are age 0-2 months, and their typical size is size 5-9 inches with the older ones larger and the younger ones smaller.

How can I tell how old my bearded dragon is?

Most breeders or owners can tell the approximate age of their these reptiles. i.e., they know their birthday. Using breeders is the most reliable or accurate way to determine this pet’s age. You could also obtain other essential information like parents, health history, the average lifespan of the stock that the breeder has, etcetera.

Is there such thing as an unhealthy bearded dragon?

There are also times when an unhealthy bearded dragon may start showing signs or symptoms of a condition without you really knowing it. Unfortunately, an unhealthy bearded dragon can not tell us what is wrong. It is very important to pay attention to tell-tale signs that something might be amiss.

Is it normal for bearded dragon to open its mouth?

It can be very common for the bearded dragon to open its mouth while on the basking perch for short periods of time. This is a way to cool off while directly under the basking bulb. This behavior is very similar to the way a dog pants to cool off and completely normal. If slack jaw is suspected seek a reptile veterinarian immediately.

How big is a two month old bearded dragon?

Juvenile bearded dragons are those aged above two months and up to seven months of age. At two months, they will measure approximately 5 – 9 inches, whereas, at seven months, their size will be 12-19.

Is it normal for a bearded dragon to shed?

Shedding is absolutely normal! Bearded dragons shed their skin as they grow. It is quite common for a baby bearded dragon to shed as much as 6 – 10 times a year. Mist your beardie frequently while they are shedding to help loosen the skin.

What kind of pebbles can you put on a bearded dragon?

These pebbles and gravel can also cause impaction if the bearded dragon swallows a small one. Peebles can also damage teeth and jaws if one is accidentally grabbed while going after an insect. Non-silica sands can be used with adult bearded dragons with a limited worry of the chance of impaction.

What happens if you put a bearded dragon on sand?

In the wild, bearded dragons spend their entire life running across sands and pebbles. Many bearded dragon owners feel that using sand as a substrate can increase the chances of gut impaction. Gut impaction is when an object (or objects) are ingested by the bearded dragon and leads to a blockage of the intestinal tract.