How much should I pay for a bearded dragon?

Bearded dragons cost anywhere from $40 to $900. The most important factors are color and morph. You can find bearded dragons for sale at pet stores, private breeders or reptile expos. A standard Beardie will cost $40 from a pet store.

How much is a bearded dragon monthly?

A bearded dragon purchased from a pet store or breeder costs between $60 – $100. The cost of the initial setup will range from $200-$400. A yearly vet visit can cost up to $75 and food averages around $35 monthly. The total investment during the first year of ownership will range between $600-$800.

Can a bearded dragon be kept as a pet?

There are several species from the genus can be kept as pets especially the central bearded dragon. These can be exhibited in zoos due to their hardy nature and easy care in comparison to other exotic reptiles. You can gain more knowledge about Lizard Species from this site by exploring it.

Where can I find a bearded dragon in Australia?

The species bask on rocks and exposed branches in the mornings and afternoons. They are found throughout much of Australia in such habitats of deserts, shrublands, and Eucalyptus woodlands. These are adept climbers and spend the significant amounts of time on branches and in bushes and near human habitation.

How can I get my bearded dragon back to normal?

With treatment, you can bring your bearded dragon back to normal, but with weak dragons, it might not be enough. When treating your bearded dragon for parasites, make sure to keep its enclosure extremely clean to prevent reinfection.

How did the bearded dragon get its name?

The name ‘bearded dragon’ refers to the ‘beard’ of the dragon, which is at the underside of the throat which can changes to black if they are stressed or see a potential rival. They are adept in the climbing on branches of trees and in bushes near to the human inhabitation.

Where can I buy a bearded dragon in the US?

Atomic Lizard Ranch is one of the oldest bearded dragon breeders in the United States. View our colorful, high-quality dragons for sale! Atomic Lizard Ranch is one of the oldest bearded dragon breeders in the United States.

Can a bearded dragon be a good pet?

Cliffhanger Reptiles focuses on producing vibrant animals that steal the show. All pet bearded dragons should be happy and relaxed around people. Our dragons are part of our family, and we handle them with love and care regularly. The result? Friendly dragons that make great pets. Everyone wants a stunning pet.

Can you breed bearded dragons at Cliffhanger reptiles?

Bearded dragons at Cliffhanger Reptiles are wildly colorful and exceptionally impressive. Above all, our main focus is genetic strength. We only produce healthy bearded dragons that are free of genetic flaws. Consequently, you can always guarantee a healthy animal that will live a long life.

What to do if your bearded dragon is unresponsive?

If being cool made your bearded dragon become unresponsive, then heat can help bring it back to normal. If you wish to know for sure, a vet will be able to perform a Doppler ultrasound to check for any blood flow in the body. A vet will also check for a pulse and see if pupils react to light at all.

Why is my bearded dragon’s eyes watering?

If your bearded dragon’s eye is watering, then it could be some foreign objects in the eye. This could be sand, dust or other particles. In this case, wash your bearded dragon’s eye with an eye wash and it should help. You can also use a simple saline solution to wash the eye and see if any foreign objects come out.