How old do you have to be to have a Pomeranian dog?

Pomeranians are also proud creatures and if a negative interaction occurs, the dog may lash out. If you really want a Pomeranian because you have children, wait until they’re a minimum of ten years old. If you have a child under the age of ten, and a Pomeranian, ensure you never leave them together unsupervised or an accident may happen.

How to ask a Pomeranian dog a question?

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What happens when you get a Pomeranian puppy?

When you get home from your job, your Pomeranian may run and greet you, tail wagging and then he’ll spin in circles of joy. He might bark, if somebody rings the doorbell, to warn you of possible danger. Eventually, after a period of time, you’ll end up on his good side and his loyalty to you will last forever.

How often does a 2 month old Pomeranian vomit?

Pomeranian puppy vomited  I adopted a 2 month old Pomeranian puppy,I fed her breakfast (pedigree) and a few hours later she was vomiting. Every 3 hours or so she continues to vomit … Best food for a picky Pomeranian that doesn’t like dry food? My Pomeranian, Jay, has never liked dry food.

How old does a Pomeranian have to be to get neutered?

Poms should normally be done when between 5 and 9 months old. Your Pomeranian should be neutered around puberty if possible. Neutering a female Pomeranian is called spaying and this operation is a little more invasive and complicated than the procedure for a male dog.

When does a female Pomeranian go into heat?

Usually, female Pomeranians have their heat cycle between six and nine months. However, some Poms go into heat as early as four months. That’s far too young, and pregnancy at that age could be fatal for the mother and the litter.

How old is my 6 month old Pomeranian?

My pup initially had the coloration of a wolf pup, greyish, putty-beige; she is 6 months old now and a gorgeous honey butterskotch and off white. Is this … Can pomeranians eat whipped cream?

What do you need to know about the Pomeranian breed?

These toy breed dogs, also known as Pom Poms, originated in Germany as a favorite lap dog of the royal court and most Poms still act like a member of the royal class. Here are the top 7 Pomeranian traits you need to know about the Pomeranian temperament before your bring one into your home. 1. Pomeranians love their humans with all their hearts!