FCC ID is a Unique identification number, assigned to a specific device that is registered with the U.S FCC (United States Federal Communication Commission). In telecommunications, the FCC is a Federal Communication Commission program, which is intended to ensure that all connected terminal devices and their protective circuitry will not harm the public switched telephones and other services.

Primarily, the FCC registration program needs registration of terminal equipment and other protective circuitry according to the Code of Federal Regulation, which regulates the direct connection of customer premises and telecommunication equipment. Also, the FCC contains no requirement with which the terminal equipment is compatible or function.

For Legally Sale Wireless Devices In The U.S., You Should: 

  • Have a unique device that is evaluated by an independent lab to ensure that it adheres to the FCC standards.
  • Provide all documentation to the FCC for lab results
  • Also, provide Documentation, User Manual and related Photos
  • Physically or digitally provide a label with the unique identifier provided by the FCC

Lookup For The FCC Number:  

Graphic cards, unmarked modems, drive interface cards, and other relevant devices often need drivers to work properly. Even if the hardware is old, they can work if you know the driver. The exact information about these cards is unknown, and some of them might have very cryptic labels.

However, with the searchable FCC ID database, you will be able to get more information about the device and the manufacturer. The unique identification code will help in identifying the manufacturer’s information as well as about the device. You can have information about the Grantee Code and about the manufacturer.

The first three to five characters of FCC ID are selected by the FCC (the commission that approves the certification numbers). The other characters left in the number are either the serial number or model number given to the device.

Moreover, every device has a unique serial number, which is why every same model that is coming from the manufacturer line has a unique code. If an FCC ID starts from 2, it means the first five characters of the business registration ID or Grantee code. However, the remaining amount can be the model number.

The Instructions For FCC Search: 

  • An FCC ID number have two things, a guarantee code, and an equipment product code; also the unique product is assigned to every device that is subject to the certification
  • The alphanumeric string will either represent the Applicant or Grantee.
  • Often, guarantee codes start with alphabets so that the code may begin with A-Z.
  • The codes that begin with the numbers (2-9) are usually of five characters. The fifth character can either be numbers or alphabets.
  • There’s no ‘zero’ or ‘one’ in the code. It is assigned by the commission to a company for its authorization.
  • The code can have a hyphen(/) or dashes(-).

FCC ID Using In Host Devices: 

Depending on the type of host devices, the FCC ID can be used for various host devices. Usually, the vendor provides the information about when the FCC ID module can be used. It includes:

  • Whether the device is used for mobile or fixed only, or both fixed and mobile applications.
  • Whether you can use it for portable devices
  • The antenna gain


FCC number is found on every piece of computer and is very useful to identify information about the manufacturer of the device. However, it takes time to receive FCC certification.