Is Fox Red Labrador a breed?

Is Fox Red Labrador a breed?

The Fox Red Lab is a dark shade of the traditional yellow Labrador Retriever. But actually they are the same breed, and technically still classified as a Yellow Labrador.

How much does a fox red lab cost?

Red Fox Lab Puppy The average Lab puppy (with a traditional coat color) will cost anywhere between $800-$1200 USD with Kennel Club registered puppies being more expensive. Red Fox Lab puppies cost more than the traditional shades, mostly due to supply and demand, and so will cost around $1,500.

What happens when you breed a fox red lab?

Breeding within a smaller gene pool to attain desired qualities such as color pave way for a greater risk of inherited genetical disorders. When these Fox red Lab breeders perform inbreeding for attaining this darker fox red shade, there is a greater risk of genetical health issues in those dogs.

Is the fox red Labrador the same as the yellow Labrador?

Actually in characteristics such as temperament, a fox red lab is as same as the other Labrador. They are even loving and friendly as other yellow labradors. Because a fox red lab is also a yellow lab with a different shade. Some people generally say that fox red labs are more vocal.

What kind of dog is a red fox?

The Red Fox Lab is a rare color variation of the Labrador Retriever that is more of a “ yellow shade ” than a color of its own. A Red Fox Lab is just like any Lab Retriever and is sociable, friendly, and makes a great family pet.

How tall does a red fox lab get?

Red Fox Lab summary table Height 21 to 25 inches Weight 55 to 80 pounds Lifespan 10-12 years Breed Type Sporting Purpose Hunting

Is there such a thing as a fox red lab?

Of all the dog breeds in the world, there’s none as iconic as the Labrador. Labradors might only come in three official colors, but there’s a wide range of shades in between. For instance, Fox Red Labs look like a very vibrant Chocolate Lab, but it’s actually a variant of the Yellow Lab! Fascinating isn’t it?

Can a yellow Labrador Retriever be a fox red?

According to the AKC, Yellow Labradors can be Fox Red to Light Cream and can have color variations around the ears, back, or underparts. Therefore as per the breed standard, Labradors with this Fox Red color are eligible to compete in the show ring, as long as they are a solid color.

What to watch for with a Fox Labrador Retriever?

Some things to watch for with this dog breed are weight gain, which can lead to joint problems, and Gastric Torsion. Make sure your Fox Red Labrador Retriever sees their vet regularly to stay healthy.

How old do fox red lab puppies get?

Puppies born with a Fox Red coat might not retain that same shade of red. It usually lightens or darkens with age. It is hard to be certain of their final coat color until they are at least 20 to 24 months old.