Is it OK to leave crickets in bearded dragon cage?

You shouldn’t leave crickets in your bearded dragon’s cage after the feeding period has ended. Crickets are mobile and fast and they quickly escape into the tank decor. Despite their size, crickets have no problem biting your bearded dragon. This can lead to stress and significant health problems.

Can I just feed my bearded dragon crickets?

Crickets have good nutritional content especially iron, protein, and calcium which is great for bearded dragons especially when they are growing. They have softer exoskeletons (when young) compared with dubia roaches or other cockroaches so they are perfect feeders even for baby beardies.

Can you put crickets in a bearded dragons cage?

Adding a small number of 2-3 crickets at a time to your bearded dragon’s cage will allow you to keep track of how many crickets are in the cage and how many they have eaten. Adding too many crickets will allow some of them to escape and hide which is something you want to avoid.

What happens if you leave crickets in a Beardie?

Overly large crickets can lead to choking. The signs of choking in a beardie sound like coughing or gagging. But if you’re leaving crickets in the cage and walking away, you may not hear the sound. This is a dangerous situation for your beardie.

How do you put crickets in a Kricket keeper?

Now your Kricket Keeper is ready for feeder crickets! The easiest way to add crickets to the Keeper is by dumping them in via the trap door located on the top of the lid. Usually when purchasing feeders from a pet store the crickets will come in a plastic bag (much like when buying fish), or in a small box.

What should I put in my Beardie’s cage?

If your cage is tall, find a way to use the space up high. Beardies love to climb high. Hemp rope can be wound tightly around to make the branches easier to grip. Rocks are also excellent because they warm up from the lights. Make sure the rocks are stable and that your beardie can’t dig under them and hurt themselves.

Yes, it is safe to feed crickets to a bearded dragon as long as you don’t feed it a cricket bigger than the space between its eyes to prevent any feeding or digestion issues that could lead to impaction.