Is it possible to determine the sex of a guinea pig?

Is it possible to determine the sex of a guinea pig?

Many pet owners have difficulty determining the sex of their guinea pig, especially in newborn guinea pigs. Identifying the sex of your guinea pig can help you to prevent unplanned pregnancy if you introduce another guinea pig into the mix and let you know if you’ll need to separate a baby from its mother.

When do guinea pigs have to be separated from their mothers?

However, since males must be separated from their mothers and sisters at 3 weeks old, it is crucial to sex them by this time. Otherwise, they can impregnate their mothers and sisters. Don’t worry about handling young guinea pigs.

Is it too late for a guinea pig?

Guinea pigs tend to hide their illnesses very well, so oftentimes it may go unnoticed. By the time you start seeing disease symptoms, it may already be too late for the little one. As responsible guinea pig parents and owners, we need to observe our guinea pigs closely for any signs and treat the signs seriously.

What to do if you have a male guinea pig?

If you check your guinea pigs and find that you have a male and a female, it is a good idea to separate them immediately. You’ll have to keep your guinea pigs in two separate enclosures to prevent them from breeding until you can get your male neutered.

How can you tell a guinea pig from a sow?

Aside from examining their genital area, there are a few other ways you can tell boy and girl guinea pigs apart. One key difference is that boars tend to be slightly larger and heavier than sows. The difference isn’t major, but it is noticeable. Boy guinea pigs also have nipples, but they’re not as large as the nipples found on sows.

How can you tell when a guinea pig is in his golden years?

Here are some possible signs that your guinea pig is entering the middle of his golden years. He may lose weight, and become less energetic overall. There may also be changes in muscle tone. He may spend a lot more time sleeping than he used to. And health problems may seem to be more common.

When does a female guinea pig become an adult?

The no-longer-baby female guinea pigs are now sexually mature. Somewhere between nine months to a year, guinea pigs reach their final size and weight and become adults. Guinea pigs age at different rates, so it isn’t always easy simply to go by their actual age.

How to take care of a guinea pig?

Start with the CARE GUIDE – Raising a Healthy Guinea Pig. Is your guinea pig ill? Consult the EMERGENCY MEDICAL GUIDEfor Signs of Illness. Looking for a pet? Do it the right way and Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig!

What kind of opening does a female guinea pig have?

Sows (female guinea pigs) have a Y shaped opening which is usually sealed with a vaginal closure membrane. Pups (young pigs) can be difficult to sex.

Can you keep a male and female guinea pig together?

That’s why two females is a very popular pairing for first-time guinea pig owners. Finally, if you want to keep a male and female together, the male will need to be neutered to prevent breeding. But the good news is that the two cavies will then be capable of getting on quite well together.