Is kalanchoe reptile safe?

Kalanchoe species contain cardiac glycosides and are toxic to animals.

How can I get my bearded dragon to poop?

If your bearded dragon won’t poop because it is brumating, it’s normal. This is especially if a bearded dragon is not eating much at all. If it’s eating a little, then you can help your bearded dragon poop by soaking your bearded dragon once in 10-14 days to make it poop.

Can I use charcoal instead of activated charcoal?

While activated charcoal is similar to the type of charcoal that is used on the grill, it’s not exactly the same. Activated carbon will clean the water more effectively, and can remove more than traditional charcoal can. Regular charcoal is best left for art, odor removal, and cooking.

What is the difference between horticultural charcoal and activated charcoal?

Horticultural charcoal is very similar to activated carbon in the way it is produced. The notable difference with the two is horticultural charcoal is heated at a much lower temperature and unprocessed. This makes activated carbon more porous and better as a filtration media.

What kind of medicine can I give a bearded dragon?

Anti-ProtoZole is an anti-protozoal used to treat everything from parasites to bacterial infections… PetAg® Bene-Bac® Plus Pet Gel & Powder contains live, naturally occurring microorganisms that ar.. For Minor Species Animal Use Only Please read this before giving any medications How to Read..

What’s the correct dosage for bearded dragon formula?

No Longer Sold per milliliter, sorry if we caused any confusion. Dosage is .04 mL per 100g of body .. New formula with skin conditioners and humectants! 1 ounce bottle with sprayer Contains veg.. The best way to keep your dragon healthy is by boosting immune and preventing illness.

Is it safe to take my bearded dragon outside?

The answer to both these questions is yes, you can take your bearded dragon outside. It’s generally safe to do so, but much will depend on where you live and the time of year. It’s good to take your bearded dragon outside as this will give your dragon some natural UV rays from the sun.

What should I do if my bearded dragon gets sand in his eyes?

Dragons always seem to be getting sand in their eyes or have other eye irritations that co.. Small syringes are good to have for hand feeding baby dragons or when dosing liquid calcium or vitam.. NEW!! This is an awesome syringe for feeding critical care!

What should I do if my bearded dragon dies?

Give your bearded dragon some activated charcoal, to help cleanse the system quickly. Mix a pinch of charcoal in a 10ml of water, and then offer 0.2 ml to small dragons under 150 grams. You can add extra 0.2 ml for each 150 grams of your bearded dragon’s weight.

What happens when you bathe a bearded dragon?

A dying bearded dragon will be shaking violently, getting bloated and becoming lethargic. This is why you must always make sure that water level in a water dish (if you have it) is below your dragon’s ankles. Baby dragons especially can fall in a dish and aspirate water or even drown. Same goes when you are bathing your dragon.

What can I give my bearded dragon to make it poop?

Give it a few drops of olive, vegetable oil or mineral oil then give baths. Also, feed it some natural laxatives – pumpkin puree, applesauce. Bathing will stimulate pooping. You must also make sure that you don’t feed bugs or other foods that are larger than the width between the eyes.

What should the body temperature of a bearded dragon be?

Preferred bearded dragon body temperatures are around 98 F (36.6 C). But for some time, it can be fine if temperatures are lower by even 10 degrees F (around 5 C). If you keep your bearded dragon in low temperatures for few hours, it will go into brumating state to save itself from dying.