Is Moss bad for bearded dragons?

Moss used as a substrate is NOT suitable for beardies. (OK for water dragons and some skinks and geckos). You would be doing your beardie a favour if you removed the moss IMO. Probably wont harm the beardie if it ate some of it, no sure about the nutritional content of sheet moss.

Is sphagnum moss bad for bearded dragons?

Eco Earth, Coconut Fiber, or Sphagnum Moss as Substrate I would not recommend these as good substrates for bearded dragons because they retain too much humidity in the enclosure. Bearded dragons need a dry hot environment. These substrates will make the environment very humid and can cause respiratory infections.

Can Beardies eat rosemary?

2. Homegrown Herbs (oregano, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, etc.) Herbs are GREAT options for bearded dragon tanks because bearded dragons typically enjoy munching on them and they’re also easy to grow.

What are the health issues of bearded dragons?

Impaction is a big issue and many bearded dragons die from ingesting the substrate or other objects. Bearded dragons are curious, and you must monitor their activities. Also, bearded dragons are very likely to swallow the substrate that blocks the intestines.

What should I do if my bearded dragon has mouth rot?

To treat mouth rot, you need to take your bearded dragon to the vet, who will administer antibiotics. You can also improve the situation greatly by wiping the affected areas of the mouth with diluted solution of antiseptic Betadine. Bearded dragons rarely develop respiratory infections with optimal temperatures in the terrarium.

Why does my bearded dragon keep blowing bubbles?

These types of bacteria don’t usually cause problems for healthy dragons, but they can cause illness for injured or stressed individuals, whose immune systems are not yet operating at full strength. Prompt veterinary care is almost always advisable for bearded dragons who are blowing bubbles.

What are the symptoms of a bearded dragon respiratory infection?

Symptoms of respiratory infection in bearded dragons are following: wheezing, sneezing, gaping, throat puffing and nose discharge in worse cases. Heavy breathing with an open mouth is also a big sign. To treat respiratory infection, you need to strengthen bearded dragon’s immunity.

Are there any health problems with bearded dragons?

Bearded dragons can have several unique problems; understanding these problems will allow you to better care for your pet and minimize future health care problems. While turtles are most commonly incriminated for causing Salmonella bacterial infections in children, bearded dragons also have been determined to be a source of this infection.

What happens if bearded dragon can’t move its back legs?

If your bearded dragon can’t move its back legs, it can be impaction, gout, back injury and more. With impaction, the foreign object, large bugs or substrate fill the guts and compress the spine. Gout is when a bearded dragon’s kidneys don’t filter out uric acid properly, so their levels rise in blood.

How does too much phosphorus affect a bearded dragon?

Too much phosphorus in the diet removes the calcium from the body. When there is not enough calcium in bearded dragon’s body, it starts using the calcium from bones! Symptoms of MBD in bearded dragons are weak bones – in the jaw (which is falling forward in worse cases), legs and even spine.

What causes skeletal malformation in a bearded dragon?

As there is a calcium deficiency, to keep the average blood calcium level, beardies will resorb calcium from bones, making their bones may weaken or suffer from skeletal malformation in young bearded dragons. a). MBD causes Metabolic bone disease cause in bearded dragons revolve around calcium deficiency.

What causes clogged pores bearded dragon?

In the wild, the keratin or lipid secretions of the femoral pores naturally fall out while walking or rubbing on tree branches. However, in captivity, things don’t always go as nature intended, and these secretions may stay in the pores, causing an impaction.

How do I unblock my bearded dragons pores?

Start giving your bearded dragon warm soaks daily. Let your bearded dragon soak for 25-30 minutes to let the buildup soften. You can even add Pedialyte to help the buildup soften. Then, take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub the pores.

Are bananas good for bearded dragons?

Bananas: Yes. You should only feed bananas occasionally as they have a high phosphorous to calcium ratio which can be unhealthy. Don’t feed too many as they are high in oxalates that can prevent your bearded dragon from receiving enough calcium.