Is my dog a Treeing Tennessee Brindle?

The Treeing Tennessee Brindle is a dog breed of Cur, descending from the Old Brindle Cur dog. Curs are thought to be closely related hounds of North American origin, bred for treeing. They are strong and have a dense, smooth brindle coat. The Treeing Tennessee Brindle does not require a lot of grooming maintenance.

Are brindle Pitbulls blue nose?

The Blue Nose Brindle Pitbull The Blue Nose Pitbull has a blue and grey brindle with fawn coat color. They often have blue eyes to complement this blue brindle coloring and a cute blue nose.

How much are Tennessee brindle dogs?

Treeing Tennessee Brindle puppies usually cost between $800-1,500, depending on multiple factors that can influence the price. Things like recorded lineage, genetic disposition, and workability will cause the price to increase or drop.

How big do Treeing Tennessee Brindle get?

18 to 24 inches
Males stand 18 to 24 inches at the shoulder and females stand 16 to 22 inches. Weight is proportionate to height, ranging between 30 to 45 pounds.

What is the difference between brindle and Merle?

Brindle is a coat pattern and not a color, and has a wild-type allele which is the product of at least two recessive genes and is rare. Merle and black are dominant genes. A blue merle has two blue genes as well as one merle but can carry others as well. Read more on Brindle.

Are brindle pitbulls more aggressive?

It is true that many Terriers and other bully breeds were used as fighting dogs. However, the red brindle Pitbull is no longer bred for its aggressiveness. Canines with a more gentle temperament are often chosen as breeding dogs, and thus, the personality traits are passed down to their pups.

Are brindle dogs smart?

Having a brindle coat is slightly more rare in the JRT than other breeds, but it makes for a stunning combination of color and energy. These pups are extremely smart! They are one of the smartest dogs you can own, and they train as easily as a Golden Retriever, if not easier.

What dog breeds have a brindle coat?

  • 1) Greyhound. Greyhounds are one of the most breeds most commonly associated with brindle coats.
  • 2) Akita. Akitas come in assorted colors, several brindle combinations included.
  • 3) Boxer. Boxers are either fawn or brindle.
  • 4) Great Dane.
  • 5) Basenji.
  • 6) Mastiff.
  • 7) Pit bull.
  • 8) Dachshund.

Can a brindle dog carry the merle gene?

Many red breeds carry the brindle gene but it is not expressed unless the animal has a wild-type allele. Fawn, blue, harlequin, brindle, chocolate and piebald are all recessive genes that can be carried in any color. The brindle can also carry unseen colors. Merle and black are dominant genes.

How rare is a brindle pitbull?

Though the brindle coat is caused by a recessive gene (and some complicated genetic science,) it’s not rare. The United Kennel Club recognizes a brindle coat in a pit bull, but it does not recognize a merle, or splotchy coat, which is not natural to the pit bull.