Is my guinea pig leg broken?

Is my guinea pig leg broken?

Usually, if a guinea pig has broken it’s leg, it will limp and put the majority of it’s body weight to one side. If they stop limping within a couple of days that it usually isn’t broken, a broken bone will result in them limping for 3–4 weeks.

Do guinea pigs take fall damage?

Your guinea pig could get hurt even if it falls from its bed or hammock even though they are very close to the ground. This could happen if your guinea pig is old, has already suffered a fracture and especially if it is overweight.

How do you know if your guinea pig has a broken back?

The guinea pig is likely to be depressed, unwilling to move around and not using the affected leg. A guinea pig with a broken spine will often have no movement or feeling in their back legs. They will also have no bladder or bowel control.

What happens if u drop your guinea pig?

If you’ve dropped your Guinea pig or let it fall from a height and it is having trouble walking, breathing or anything else, take it to a vet. Not very far. Their spines are delicate and prone to snap if you drop them. If you are going to hold or play with your pig, sit in an armchair or lie on your bed.

What happens to a guinea pig’s nails as it ages?

As a guinea pig ages, their nails tend to become thicker, more brittle, and grow more irregularly. Guinea pigs kept as pets generally require nail clipping, as their nails do not receive enough wear to keep them at the proper length. You may wonder about the age of your guinea pig.

When to see a vet for guinea pig foot problems?

Usually the nail will grow back, although it may be more than a month before you see the new one. See a vet if there are any signs of infection like swelling or feeling hot to the touch. Some guinea pigs develop flaps of tough skin that protrude from their front feet.

How old is Hermeto the guinea pig’s feet?

Find below photos of Hermeto’s front and back feet taken at 3 months (12 weeks). These nails have not yet been clipped (for educational purposes only!) Paulo notes that since the nails were not trimmed, the quick has lenghtened accordingly, as described on the nail trimming page.

How many toes does a guinea pig have?

Most guinea pigs are born with four toes on their front feet and 3 toes on their hind feet. Each toe has a continuously growing nail consisting of the outer horny part and the inner living part called the “quick”. The underside of the foot has a soft foot pad which should be regularly examined for swelling or injury.