Is Pine soft bedding good for guinea pigs?

Is Pine soft bedding good for guinea pigs?

Pet’s Pick Pine Bedding is a natural, kiln-dried softwood that represents an excellent option for those who want soft and odor-absorbent bedding for their furry friend. Since it’s soft and doesn’t have splinters in it, it’s great for promoting burrowing and nesting in guinea pigs.

Can you use pine shavings in guinea pig cages?

However, cedar and pine shavings can be highly irritating to a guinea pig’s respiratory system and can cause an allergic reaction that can manifest in a chronic skin problem. It should never be used.

Can a towel be guinea pig bedding?

Towels As Guinea Pig Bedding If so, you can totally throw them in your guinea pigs’ cage and use them as bedding! To clean the towels, what I do is spot-clean the towel (using a small dustpan and brush) every day or every other day, and wash it every 1-2 weeks.

What kind of bedding should I buy for my guinea pig?

Many new guinea pig parents purchase cedar and pine bedding because they are cheap and readily available. They also realize that wood shavings are effective at masking guinea pig’s urine odor. But did you know that cedar and pine toxins can negatively affect guinea pig’s respiratory and liver systems?

What happens if guinea pig eats pine shavings?

And your guinea pig doesn’t even need to ingest the bedding to be in danger. By simply breathing in the fumes from the toxins in cedar and pine shavings, harmful substances are passing through the lungs and infiltrating the blood. So much so, that their livers can not handle these needs of detoxification – causing liver failure.

What happens if you put a guinea pig in a non absorbent bed?

With non-absorbent material, you are essentially exposing your guinea pigs to harm by increasing their risk of bacterial infection. These beds also do not provide an adequate amount of cushion for guinea pigs’ sensitive feet. This can result in your guinea pigs being diagnosed with a condition known as Bumblefoot.

Why is it important to keep guinea pigs clean?

When considering your guinea pig’s health, maintaining a clean living space is crucial to their happiness and welfare. In the attempt to prevent respiratory diseases, keeping their habitat sanitary is probably one of the most important things a guinea pig parent can do.

Pine bedding must not smell, or have an extremely weak smell. This indicates the minimum amount of these oils present, deeming it suitable for guinea pigs. Kiln dried pine shavings contain less amounts of these chemicals than conventional shavings. Sawdust Can cause severe respiratory illness and distress.

Is pine wood OK for guinea pigs?

In general, any soft, resinous or aromatic woods, such as air-dried pine, cedar, eucalyptus and redwood are not safe for your piggy. Although cedar and pine wood shavings are marketed for use in rodent cages, veterinarians and rodent enthusiasts discourage their use due to the phenols in the resin.