Is Red bunny Pee bad?

Urine from healthy animals is typically considered to be of little to no risk to people. This is generally true, at least for the otherwise healthy human population, but like with most things in infectious diseases, there are exceptions.

What does it mean when a rabbit Pees red?

It is probably caused by a plant pigment and does not affect the health of the animal.” Red urine is a descriptive term for the condition where a rabbit’s urine varies in color from the normal pale yellow to dark yellow, carrot orange, brown, or bright red. Red urine is not a medical problem.

What can change the color of a rabbit’s urine?

What a rabbit ingests can change the color of a rabbit’s urine. Factors which can color a rabbit’s urine pigment red include: Food: this is often due to eating foodstuffs (especially fruits and vegetables) which contain a lot of beta carotene. These food include kale, spinach, sweet potato and, of course, carrots.

What does it mean when a rabbit Pees cloudy?

Cloudy urine is an early warning sign of excessive calcium in your rabbit’s diet. If you modify your rabbit’s diet at this stage, there will be no damage. If you ignore cloudy urine, it will eventually become sludgy and chalky.

Why does my rabbit have a lot of bloody urine?

“Bloody urine is rare in rabbits and rodents. Many cases of ‘bloody’ urine turn out to be porphyrin-pigmented basic urine or a sanguineous vaginal discharge associated with uterine adenocarcinoma, polyps, or abortion. Thick white urine containing reddish-orange pigment is indicative of an excess of dietary calcium.”.

What color is the rabbit Pee suppose to be?

The normal color of urine from rabbits is yellow. Sometimes the urine can become red, pink, brown, or orange. This condition, often simply called “red urine,” can occur in healthy rabbits as well as those who are ill.

Why do Rabbits have red urine?

Plant pigments: In healthy rabbits, the red color of urine can be due to porphyrins and other plant pigments that have not all been identified. Sometimes diets with large amounts of plants high in beta-carotene, such as carrots and spinach, can cause the reddish discoloration. Ingestion of pine or fur needles has resulted in red urine as well.

Why does rabbit urine turn orange?

Finally, normal rabbit urine can vary in color from a light yellow to a shade of deep rust. The red/orange color is believed to be due in part to harmless plant pigments called porphyrins that are ingested by the rabbit and excreted by the kidneys.

What color is rabbits Pee?

When we think of “normal” rabbit pee, most of us are familiar with that cloudy, pale yellow color. But a healthy rabbit’s urine can range from almost clear to dark yellow, bright orange, brown or deep red. In most cases technicolor urine isn’t anything to worry about. Some medications, like antibiotics, can temporarily alter the urine color.