Is shark a water mammal?

Sharks are not mammals as they do not possess any of the characteristic features that define a mammal. Sharks are considered a species of fish, but unlike most fishes, a sharks’ skeleton is made of cartilage. Sharks are carnivores and they feed on other smaller fish.

What’s the difference between a reptiles and a mammal?

Mammals are warm-blooded animals whereas reptiles are cold-blooded animals. Mammals have hair or fur surrounding the body while reptiles have scales. Mammals give birth to live young and reptiles lay eggs.

How are mammals and birds different in reproduction?

One of the most basic differences between mammals and birds is the difference in their reproduction system. Mammals directly give birth to their younger ones. Birds, on the other hand, lay eggs. They then warm these eggs and take care of them in their nest until the eggs hatch and the young ones are born.

Which is more sophisticated a mammal or a amphibian?

Mammals evolved from reptiles, and they (and birds) are more sophisticated than reptiles (in many respects), just as reptiles are more sophisticated than the amphibians, and in turn fish, that they evolved from: In most reptile hearts, oxygenated and non-oxygenated blood can mix, because the systems are not completely isolated.

How did reptiles and mammals evolve before each other?

Reptiles did not evolve before mammals. Both groups evolved at roughly the same time. The animals we call reptiles and mammals descend from a fish that crawled out of the sea.

What are some similarities between reptiles and mammals?

The first similarity between reptiles and mammals is that both of them are vertebrates. This means that both are found to have backbones. Both require Lungs to breathe. The second similarity on our list is the presence of lungs which is used for breathing in both mammals as well as reptiles.

How are amphibians and fish different from reptiles?

Amphibians have a heart which contains three chambers, while the fish have only 2. Another difference between the two is the fact that amphibians have a bladder which produces urea and fish extract their nitrous waste as ammonia from their gills. When we look at amphibians and reptiles, we also see that there are some differences.

Do reptiles live longer than mammals?

Reptiles show no physical signs of aging like mammals and live much longer than mammals of the same size. It has been shown that reptiles cells only show small signs of damage as they age compared to a dog or a cat. Reptiles have a very low metabolic rate and as such they do not metabolize oxygen at…

How are baby reptiles different from babies of mammals?

The main difference between mammals and reptiles is that mammals have mammary glands to feed their babies with milk whereas reptiles do not have mammary glands . Turtles, tortoises, lizards, snakes, crocodiles, alligators, and tuatara are reptiles while marsupials, monotremes, and placentals are the three types of mammals.