Is wry neck in rabbits curable?

This parasite normally cannot be cured, but it can be controlled with long term medical treatment with a medication called Fenbendazole. We recommend testing all rabbits showing signs that may suggest infection with this parasite to determine if long term therapy is going to be needed.

Why does my rat keep rolling over?

But what does it mean when your rat is rolling around? A rat will roll around when they get an inner ear infection, which could be a result of mycoplasma or bacteria. The inflammation of the inner ear affects their ability to sense the space around them, so they start rolling.

What does it mean when a rat tilts its head to one side?

If your rat frequently tilts its head to 1 side, it may have an inner ear infection. A red, callus-like bump on your rat’s foot may indicate a foot infection, called bumblefoot. Reddish discharge around your rat’s eyes and nose, along with loud breathing or frequent sneezing, can mean your rat has a respiratory infection.

Do you take a rat to a dog or cat doctor?

Do not take your rat to a dog & cat only doctor -most Dog & cat doctors have never treated rats and may not know how to treat them Appropriately. Do not take your rat to an inexperienced vet, they may prescribe the wrong medicines or dosages.

What does it mean when a rat’s coat is matted?

Inspect your rat’s coat for dullness or unkempt patches. In general, rats are clean animals and take care to groom and maintain their coat. So, if your rat’s coat becomes matted, dirty, or fluffed, it most likely means that the rat is ill and unable to properly groom its fur.

Can a rat get pneumonia from another rat?

Pneumonia is contagious and can be transferred from rat to rat, most commonly to cage mates or rats within sneezing distance. If other rats are kept on the other side of the room, or another room, and do not have contact with the sick rats they should not be infected.