Tips to choose the right salwar kameez for different occasion

Different occasions call for different kinds of clothing. The selection process of a salwar kameez can be very time consuming and confusing. Be it any occasion, women love to look their best. Even if you are planning to opt for Anarkali salwar kameez online shopping, you have to make sure that you make the right choice. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right salwar kameez based on the occasion, season, and time.

Choosing salwar suits during weddings

Weddings call for a very lavish and stylish look. Gone are the days when women chose to wear heavy options. Today, thanks to the introduction of new designs and styles, women can mix and match their suits. Even if you do not want to go for a very heavy option, you can always select a lightly embroidered suit and complement it with heavy jewelry. A few tips on this front would include

  • Opt for fabrics like satin silk, chanderi silk, linen, or cotton. These materials are easy to handle and are suitable for any body type.
  • If you do not want to go for the traditional pajama, you can choose to go for a dhoti style, palazzo, or even a pencil cut bottom.
  • For the main event, choose suits made from fabrics like raw silk, georgettes, brocades, jacquards, plain lace or net, or even an embroidered net.
  • You can choose to wear pastel, metallic or dark solid suits to mark the occasion.
  • Anarkalis, Princess cut suits, or even a simple A-lined suit will do the trick.
  • Colors like blood red, maroon, peacock blue, peacock green, rani pink, mehndi, or dark green make perfect options.

Salwar suits during the festive season

During the festive season, wearing heavily embroidered suits can be very uncomfortable. Unlike the outfits you wear for weddings, you can opt for very light embroidered or printed suits with vibrant color options. Before you get started with your shopping, here are a few tips to remember while selecting suits for festivals

  • Opt for Hi-Low or diagonal cut suits if you do not want to go for the regular A-Lined style
  • Choose center or off-center slits instead of the regular side slits
  • You can opt for a heavily embroidered neck with light work on the rest of the suit for the necklines.
  • Traditional glasswork or cloth embroidery would be an excellent option instead of the standard gold and silver. You can also opt for the two-toned colored embroidery design if you want something different.
  • Choose colors like beige, pink, peach, aqua blue, or aqua green with complementing bottoms.
  • You can also choose heavy or big borders to add to the occasion.

Tips for selecting salwar suits for parties and family get-togethers

During parties and family get-together’s, you have to make sure that you are comfortable. You have the choice to go for Anarkali salwar kameez online shoppinghowever, you can also keep it simple and elegant. Some tips to help you choose salwar kameez for parties and family get-togethers would include

  • Choose colors depending on the time of day and the season. For example, wear light colors during the day and dark during the evenings or nights.
  • Opt for very subtle embroideries instead of big and heavy ones.
  • You can also choose simple printed suits or even a bandhini to complement the occasion.
  • Choose outfits that have a small border and a medium embroidered neckline. This way, you can complete the look of your suit with semi-heavy jewelry.
  • Wear fabrics like georgette, velvet, satin silk, or even jacquard with a blend of self-colored or contrasting colored embroidery.