What are English Lop rabbits used for?

Known for having the longest ears of any rabbit breed, the English Lop is also considered the original lopped rabbit. Bred in the early 19th century and prized as pets in the Victorian era, the English Lop was used to develop other lopped breeds such as the French and Mini Lop.

How do you care for English Lop?

The English Lop requires a little bit more maintenance in the ear department than most other breeds because they are so long. Their ears should be examined regularly and kept clean of wax buildup and their nails need to be regularly trimmed so in case they step on their own ears, their nails won’t dig into them.

How much do English Lop rabbits cost?

How Much Do English Lop Rabbits Cost? Most pet shops sell English Lop rabbits for between $50 and $75, give or take.

Are English lops good pets?

Adult English Lops are often referred to as the “dogs of the rabbit world”. They are generally known to be quite placid (even lazy), outgoing, curious and friendly. They can make wonderful pets for children, although as a large breed rabbit any interaction between child and rabbit should be supervised.

How long are English lops?

Lifespan: 5-7 years.

Are English lops meat rabbits?

English Lops (max weight: none) also don’t carry the typical “commercial” body type. Giant Angoras (max weight: 16 pounds), because their primary purpose is wool production rather than meat. They do, however, have a “commercial” meat rabbit body type, and are technically considered dual purpose.

How long do English Spot rabbits get?

Quick Facts about English Spot Rabbit

Species Name: Oryctolagus cuniculus
Lifespan: 5-9 years
Size: Medium, 5-8 pounds
Diet: Herbivore, predominantly hay
Minimum Enclosure Size: 12 square feet

What kind of rabbit is a lop eared rabbit?

These lops are very commonly found as house rabbits. One of the two pre-existing lop-eared rabbit breeds used to create French Lops, English Lops are the original lops. They are known to be quite inactive, so obesity is a major problem with the breed.

What should I do with my English Lop rabbit?

Caring for a English Lop. As already mentioned, it’s worth considering keeping your English Lop indoors to prevent him from becoming too cold and developing illnesses because of this. Train him to use a litter tray and give him somewhere quiet to relax – a dog crate is ideal for a larger bunny – and he will be happy.

Where did the Mini Lop Rabbit come from?

The Mini Lop breed of rabbits was established in Germany, in the 1950s, when several breeds, including the Chinchilla, English Lop, French Lop, and Dwarf Lop, were combined to create a breed that was initially called the Klein Widder.

Why do lop rabbits like all kinds of things?

The “Holland Lop Diet” is a new diet aid that claims to be the key to weight loss and improved health. Why do lop rabbits like all kinds of things? We all know that rabbits are omnivores, meaning they will eat a variety of things.

What kind of rabbit is an English Lop?

English lops are the original lop-eared rabbits, and popularized rabbit showing in Britain. English lops have been raised in England since the mid 1800’s. English lops are generally calm and easy-going rabbits that are quite friendly. English lops are definitely show rabbits.

Can a French Lop eared rabbit be a house rabbit?

Housing requirements are not as demanding as the larger lop varieties according to the Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America. These lops are very commonly found as house rabbits. One of the two pre-existing lop-eared rabbit breeds used to create French Lops, English Lops are the original lops.

Can a English Lop rabbit get frostbite?

Care must be taken to keep the English lop’s ears from tearing or getting frostbite. English lops are shown in two color classes, broken pattern and solid pattern.

How to take care of an English Lops rabbit?

As English Lops have long ears, they need a little more care and attention when it comes to ear care. Wax can build up more than in the ears of other rabbits, so it is good practice to check the ears whenever you are grooming your bunny.