What are the bugs on my ball python?

Snake mites are small parasitic bugs that can infest your pet’s enclosure. The bugs latch onto your snake and feed on their blood. Snake mites aren’t specific to just snakes. These pests can attack any reptile in captivity.

What is a ghost ball python?

The term Ghost when used to describe snake morphs usually refers to the double recessive offspring of anery and hypo snakes. When referring to Ball Pythons the term Ghost Ball Python is used for the recessive hypo gene and the double recessive is called a True Ghost.

How did my ball python get mites?

Poor Hygiene. Failing to clean your snake’s enclosure regularly may lead to mites taking up residence in your snake’s cage. Moreover, if you have multiple snakes, one of your slithery friends could have mites in one enclosure, and you can easily transfer these mites to a different enclosure by not washing your hands.

Why are there genetic problems in ball pythons?

The genetic variations in some morphs cause them to develop health problems. The reasons to avoid such snakes include: Low quality of life. The snakes will find it hard to move, eat, and shed. The offspring will be less valuable on the open market. The snake may become sick and die.

What should you know before getting a ball python?

Ball Pythons are known for being picky eaters, so that is something to consider when you decide which snake to get. Occasionally ball pythons go on hunger strikes, refusing to eat for weeks on end. As long as your ball python is not losing weight, your snake is fine.

What does an underweight ball python look like?

An underweight ball python will have a triangular appearance to it, with the top being quite thin, sloping down to the sides of the snake. An overweight snake will be almost completely round, even on the belly of the snake, and may possibly have rolls or misshapen scales.

Are there any different types of ball pythons?

There are hundreds of different kinds of royal pythons if you count the unique and varied specimens breeders are creating. Blue-eyed Lucy (BEL) and coral glows are among the most beautiful ball python morphs. Avoid snakes with genetic issues like head wobbles and kinks, such as caramels and spiders.