What are the symptoms of guinea pig allergies?

What are the symptoms of guinea pig allergies?

Symptoms of an allergic reaction include: Asthma, which is a respiratory reaction that causes difficulty in breathing. Rhinitis, which is characterized by a stuffy, runny nose. Conjunctivitis, which is an inflammation or infection of the eyes.

What kind of respiratory problems does a guinea pig have?

Guinea pigs can get respiratory problems like allergies and respiratory infections. Respiratory infections are very common in guinea pigs. They can start as colds in the nose and turn into pneumonia as they travel down to the lungs.

Why does my guinea pig have a rash?

Eczema, a skin rash which can be itchy and inflamed.Guinea pigs distribute allergen in the urine in the bedding. This allergen easily becomes airborne when the animal scurries around in its cage. Allergies are caused by exposure to proteins that are normally present in the animal’s saliva or urine, or in secretions from glands in the skin.

Why does my guinea pig have a sore nose?

To add to the confusion, guinea pigs suffer from allergies as well as infections and sometimes the issue is an environmental one, not disease. If your guinea pig has red, runny eyes and a sore nose, with wet snuffling but no laboured breathing, it may be an allergy.

How to reduce guinea pig allergy?

Part 2 of 3: Reducing Guinea Pig Allergen Exposure Confine your guinea pig in one part of your home. Protect yourself from the most common sources of allergens. If you’re allergic to guinea pigs, it’s important to remember that the protein responsible for that allergy is mostly found Wear protective equipment when handling your guinea pig. Wash your hands after any allergen contact.

Do guinea pigs have allergies?

Guineas never really have allergies. If your guinea pig is sneezing quite a bit, the cause most likely is either an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, or some other infection. The closest thing guinea pigs experience to an allergy is a reaction to certain types of bedding used in the bottom of the cage.

Are guinea pigs hypoallergenic pets?

The answer is quite simple; guinea pigs are not hypoallergenic pets. There is no animal that has a fur that you can call hypoallergenic. If you are a more sensitive person, it is normal for you to be concerned about this, but if you generally don’t have any problems with allergies, you have nothing to worry about.

Are guinea pig allergies common?

You may not realize it, but guinea pig allergies are actually quite common. The primary source of guinea pig allergens is a protein in the animal’s saliva and urine, though that protein can also be transmitted to a guinea pig’s hair, skin, and dander.