What causes a pig to walk with a limp?

Genetic conditions resulting in temporary or permanent lameness occur particularly in smaller herds where recessive characters are most frequently expressed. Lameness is a failure of the pig to walk normally. Mildly affected pigs have disturbed gait with swaying of the hips or the legs may be bowed.

What should I do if my pig has lameness?

Infected single claws may be removed under local anaesthetic. Lame pigs under treatment require support and should be protected from their group, placed on a soft floor of straw or deep shavings and given adequate food and water. Control also depends on the condition.

What causes pain and lameness in piglets legs?

Damage to the feet, joints or muscles of the leg or to nerves controlling the legs can cause lameness as can pain in any of these sites. Erosion of the sole, bruising on the heels and of the accessory digits and erosion of the knees in sucking piglets occur on poor quality flooring.

What happens to a pig with a damaged leg?

Pigs with a damaged leg will not place weight on it and hop on the remaining sound legs. Damage to the feet results in snatching the affected foot off the ground or resting it, toe down but not placing weight on it.

What can you do for lameness in pigs?

Dexamethasone has been recommended in pigs with streptococcosis and is labeled for glucocorticoid therapy in pigs. Another glucocorticoid, isoflupredone acetate, is specifically approved for musculoskeletal pain that causes lameness in pigs.

When do you Know Your piglets have leg lameness?

Piglets weigh 16 lb. at weaning, and nursery performance is fantastic with less than 2% mortality. Piglets are vaccinated for circovirus, erysipelas and Mycoplasma pneumonia. Four weeks into the finishing phase, the producer notices lame pigs. It is always rear leg lameness with no visible swelling initially.

What should you do if your pig has a broken leg?

If possible, the pig should be immobilized on a large board for transport. (this may not be very easy in an unwilling pig) If the pig can still use three legs, support the rear legs with a towel under the abdomen (with the ends held together above the back) used as a sling.

What causes a Mini Pig to break its leg?

Mini pigs can suffer fractures from simple things such as jumping off a sofa or bed, slipping on a slippery floor or while outside playing.