What do I do if my bearded dragon is choking?

Holding your pet vertically or upside down can help dislodge the item as well. Another option is to offer water or a few drops of olive oil or vegetable oil to your bearded dragon and gently stroke their beard; this should help your pet swallow whatever it’s choking on.

Is it normal for bearded dragons to cough?

The fact is that bearded dragons and all other lizards cannot cough. They often make a sound when cleaning the salt, which could be mistaken for a sneeze or cough. If he is making a “coughing” noise and moving his head side to side, he could be trying to dislodge something.

Why does my bearded dragon have a hard time breathing?

If you notice these symptoms with heavy breathing, it’s likely your bearded dragon has a respiratory infection. You need to take your reptile to the vet as soon as possible. Once you’ve taken it to the vet, your vet can accurately diagnose and treat the infection. This looks different depending on the severity of the infection.

What happens when you put a bearded dragon on its back?

Your bearded dragon is not responsive if you put it on its back or side (dragons can’t breathe properly on their back) No breathing – however their breathing is very slow when they are sleeping or brumating. Lack of any movements – bearded dragon is limp and unresponsive; When rigor mortis sets in – a bearded dragon will become stiff

Can a bearded dragon have an URI infection?

A URI is a bacterial infection in the lungs that results from excess moisture. If left untreated, URIs can prove deadly, which is why it is SO important you know the symptoms associated with them. Regardless of whether your bearded dragon has actually had a RI or not, you’re going to want to abide by the advice below.

What should I do if my bearded dragon is congested?

If you suspect your bearded dragon is very congested, I recommend propping them up on a towel or folded blanket with their face angling downwards so the mucous can drain from their throat. You don’t want a severe angle, just around 10 to 15 degrees is sufficient.

What does it look like if a bearded dragon is choking?

You may notice coughing or a gagging sound if your beardie is choking; if possible, you need to try to clear the throat. If you’re not there to monitor your bearded dragon while eating, you may not even notice he’s choking on his dinner until it’s too late.

Do locusts bite bearded dragons?

Re: can locust/hoppers bite your dragon? Yes they can. Take all uneaten crcikets out of the cage after your beardie is done eating.

Can bearded dragons eat dead crickets?

They will feast on the dead cricket. Which is great for decomposition. However, it’s not so great for your bearded dragon or leopard gecko. So although it may seam like a neat idea, don’t feed your pets the dead crickets that might come in the mail.