What do I do if my fighter fish is not eating?

The solution here is simple. Just defrost your food before giving it to your betta. The best way to do this is by taking a small amount of your tanks water and placing the food in it. Once the food is fully defrosted just drop it into your tank and your betta should eat it up.

Why are my Kois not eating?

Poor water quality, or a sudden change in environment, are common reasons koi may lose interest in food. The most common reason for a group of koi to all stop eating at once is a sudden drop in water temperature, usually around late autumn or early winter.

How long can Betta fish survive without food?

While Betta fish may survive for 14 days without food, don’t leave your pet unfed for more than 5 days. A couple of days trip should be okay but you must assign someone to feed your Betta if you’ll be away for longer. Also, don’t rely on vacation feeders or plant matter for feeding your Betta.

Why is my aquatic turtle not eating?

If your turtle is not eating and you have checked the environment, your turtle may be suffering from an illness. Stress, and illnesses such as vitamin A deficiency, constipation, respiratory infection, eye problems, or pregnancy.

Why is my fighting fish not moving?

The most common reason your Betta fish is not moving is sleep and rest. However, other reasons, such as water quality, disease, and temperature, can also cause your Betta to become lethargic and not move around as much.

How can you tell if a betta fish is dying?

Other signs that offer a clue to knowing when a betta fish is about to die include discoloration along the fish’s body, such as white or brown spots. Strange swimming movements or a shortening / eating away of the fins can also point to severe illnesses.

When was the last time I ate or drank anything?

It’s Sunday and the last food I ate was lunch Thursday. I’ve ingested only water for 72 hours and the experience is life-changing. I love food, but I have eaten nothing and drank only water for the past 72 hours.

How many times have I floated in Gastown?

Since Float House in Gastown opened up about a year ago, I’ve floated close to 100, if not more than 100 times. I consider myself an experienced floater and am jazzed whenever I get an opportunity to talk to first timers about the experience.

Why are there no fish in my fish tank?

They have a symbiotic relationship with the fish. Without the fish (and their food), the bacteria colony declines. Without the bacteria, the water quickly becomes unsuitable for the fish. The two must be kept in balance for a healthy tank. In a brand-new tank, there is no microbe colony yet. You have to “cycle” the tank to start to build it.

Why are so many people afraid to float?

One of the common reasons I hear people tell me they haven’t gone for a float yet is because they’re afraid of something. Not being able to quiet the mind, being claustrophobic, drowning (virtually impossible in a float tank), you name it.