What do I do if my guinea pig wont eat hay?

Try a different type of grass hay and see if he will eat that. If he is continually losing weight (you may need to weigh at the same time daily), he needs to see a cavy savvy vet. You may need to withhold veggies completely for a couple days to kind of force him to eat the hay.

What does it mean when guinea pigs don’t eat hay?

There is a number of reasons for Guinea Pigs not eating hay. Some guinea pigs eat too much dry food or fresh veggies while others simply don’t like the taste or the smell of that specific type of hay you have served them. Hay also might not be in the best shape, could be moldy or old.

Why does my guinea pig not drink?

If you have noticed that your guinea pig is not drinking water, then your pet is probably getting the daily water intake from the fruits and vegetables. Moreover, as guinea pigs age, they start drinking less. Also, guinea pig might not be drinking because the water is not dispensing from the water bottle properly.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay?

It’s important to check if your guinea pig doesn’t eat hay only or avoid food in general. If he has decreased appetite and you have noticed that he is having trouble to eat then you should check his teeth, maybe they are overgrown. Or your Cavy might have some mouth injury the stops him from eating.

What can I Feed my guinea pig that won’t eat or drink?

Your vet may recommend syringe-feeding a special herbivore diet, such as Oxbow’s Critical CareTM, or you can mix ground up pellets with fresh greens, vegetable baby foods, water, or juice to form a gruel. Introduce the syringe tip into the mouth behind the front incisors and depress the plunger slowly, giving your guinea pig time to swallow.

What kind of hay can you feed a guinea pig?

Keep hay off the floor to avoid it from being soiled by your piggies’ urine since guinea pigs can’t and won’t eat soiled hay. You can put it in a guinea pig hay feeder like a hay rack, a cardboard box, or any other method you can think of!

What happens if a guinea pig goes a day without eating?

Guinea pigs are not used to go without eating for a long time. After 2 to 3 days a cavy can die from starvation. Nevertheless, a whole day without eating properly can cause inevitable damage. Why do guinea pigs stop eating? Loss of appetite can be a sing of many illnesses. Here you can find a list of causes for anorexia in guinea pigs:

What foods are bad for guinea pigs?

Poisonous foods include: Rhubarb, mushrooms, garlic, bishop’s weed, potatoes (green or sprouted), tomatillo or tomato, olives. Avoid feeding any of these foods to your guinea pig or results can be fatal. Out in the wild or in the garden, there are also plants to be wary of to ensure your guinea pigs don’t eat them,…

What are signs that your guinea pig is dying?

Infestation of mice in and around the breeding area of guinea pigs can be one of the major causes of Guinea pig deaths. Some of the symptoms can be lack of movement, seizures, onset of lethargy, convulsions, lack of appetite, stroke, etc.

How much should a guinea pig eat?

Your vet can advise you regarding the amount of food to provide. Harkness and Wagner note that in one day, adult guinea pigs eat approximately: 6 grams dry feed/100 grams of body weight. 10 to 40 ml water per 100 grams of body weight ( will vary with temperature, humidity, etc.)

Can guinea pigs always have oats?

Guinea pigs are not grain eaters. Therefore, oats, oatmeal and anything derived from oats is generally not a suitable food for guinea pigs. However: some people feed a very small amount of oats if a guinea pig is concerningly underweight.

Why does my guinea pig only want to eat hay?

They need it to grind their teeth as they pretty much always need to be chewing something in order to grind their teeth. Hay also gives them some of the nutrients that they need to live so is very important to them. If your guinea pig is only eating hay, try and wean them onto eating veggies as well.