What do you do when you first bring a crested gecko home?

After coming home, place your crested gecko in its tank straight away. One exception is if there is another gecko in there. You will have to take your crested gecko to the vet to check it for any parasitic infections. Quarantine period should last around 2-3 months, before you introduce it to other geckos in the tank.

Can girl crested geckos bond?

Crested geckos have different “personalities”. Some will match with each other while others will not. Although female crested geckos will usually be friendly towards each other, they can get into a fight. Some crested geckos only want to be left alone and don’t tolerate companions.

How long does it take for crested gecko to fully grow?

Crested geckos grow at their own rates. Most breeders estimate it takes 1 to 2 years for a baby to become an adult, with the average being around 18 months. This is not always the case. Sometimes, it appears that crested geckos hatched and reared in certain locations grow slower than others.

What age of crested gecko should I get?

I would recommend buying a baby crested gecko that’s at least two months old. Before that age, there’s a risk that the crestie will refuse to eat and will eventually die. Generally caring for a baby crested gecko is also a bit harder than caring for an older crestie.

How long does it take for a crested gecko to get used to a new home?

Newly purchased crested geckos should not be handled, but first allowed to settle in for three to four weeks to let them adjust to their new environment and to make sure they regularly feed. When you start handling your crested gecko, make handling sessions short, no more than five minutes.

How often should you hold your crested gecko?

Crested geckos are best handled for about 15 minutes, each time you handle them. There is no specific quantifiable frequency with which crested geckos can be handled. The thumb rule would be to gauge their comfort.

Can a crested gecko get pregnant after breeding?

But if they seem to stress each other out or if the male is aggressive towards the female you defintely want to keep them separate. The female crestie will become pregnant very short after breeding. There is a special term for a pregnant crested gecko, a gravid female.

How can you tell if a crested gecko is gravid?

There is a special term for a pregnant crested gecko, a gravid female. Although your female will become gravid fast it’s possible that you don’t notice it especially when it’s the first time you breed cresties. How to know if the female is gravid? It’s important not to handle a gravid female because this creates a lot of stress for her.

How many eggs does a crested gecko lay in a year?

How many eggs/clutches does a female crested gecko lay in a year? A female crested gecko that is in good health will normally produce 6-7 clutches in one year, each clutch consisting of 1, or usually 2 eggs. She will produce those 6-7 clutches in intervals, which will be lasting around 20-30 days each.

What to do when a crested gecko bites the female?

When the male crestie bites in the skin of the female and causes an open wound, it’s important to immediately remove the female. You’ll need to clean the wound with water and treat it with antibiotics until the wound heals. If the female has healed you can again introduce the male.

Can you keep 2 female crested geckos together?

So can crested geckos live together? Crested geckos can live together and get along just fine as long as you keep the right mix. Multiple females will generally be fine as will multiple females and one male. However two male leopard geckos is a bad idea and will lead to fighting and stress.

Should I get male or female crested gecko?

After weighing the pros and cons of male vs female Crested gecko, we recommend buying a male Crested gecko if you are not planning to breed your geckos. This is because with a female, you’ll have to deal with lay egging. Even when not paired with a male for breeding, the female will lay dud eggs (unfertilized eggs).

At what age can crested geckos be sexed?

approximately 3 to 4 months old
Sexing and Breeding. Crested geckos cannot be accurately sexed until they are approximately 3 to 4 months old. Once mature, geckos are relatively easy to sex. Males develop external hemipenal bulges located at the base of the tail with preanal pores directly in front of the vent.