What does a cat hematoma look like?

Hematomas in Cats A hematoma looks like a swollen lump under the skin. Most hematomas are caused by trauma, but some cats may develop them due to a clotting disorder. Hematomas on organs or in the brain can lead to more serious medical conditions, but most subdermal hematomas are not serious.

How do you fix a hematoma in a cat’s ear?

Surgery with sutures is the most common treatment for ear hematoma in cats. The cat is placed under anesthesia and a small cut is made to the underside of the ear. The fluid is allowed to drain out and multiple sutures are placed in the affected area.

Why does my cat have a big earflap?

If your cat has developed a big, swollen earflap, it’s most likely to be due to a condition called an aural haematoma (burst blood vessel inside the flap). There are other causes of swollen ears (see below). Contact your vet if you notice your cat has something wrong with their ears – ear problems are very uncomfortable.

What’s the name of the cat’s ear flap?

The technical name for a cat’s ear flaps is “ pinnae ”. Cats have the same hearing range as humans but have better hearing at higher frequencies. To put it in perspective: A human’s voice is at around 3000 Hz. A cat is capable of hearings sounds that are around 8000 Hz.

Can a cat get an abscess on the ear flap?

Since the ear flaps are so sensitive, abscesses can be very painful for your cat and can also have some serious side effects. If you notice an abscess, alert you veterinarian.

Why does my cat have a swollen ear?

An injury to an ear may cause a mild swelling – you may also see a wound, hair loss or bruising. If your cat’s ears are red, thickened and itchy, this could be an allergic skin reaction, which should be checked by your vet.

What causes swelling in cats ears?

A hematoma is a painful condition often affecting the ears of cats. In cats, ear hematomas form when a blood vessel in the ear ruptures and the space between the skin and cartilage begins to fill with blood. Pressure can cause the ear to swell; swelling can develop within minutes of the blood vessel’s rupture.

How to treat ear haematomas in cats?