What does it feel like when you take Molly?

What does it feel like when you take Molly?

An experience with molly starts with a bitter taste, users say, which is soon forgotten as the high kicks in. “It felt like everything was amplified. It felt euphoric – almost like a crazy adrenaline rush for a long time,” said Evan, a young professional working in Michigan.

Why are the gills on my Molly fish swollen?

Swollen Gills If you notice swollen gills on your molly fish or if your mollies coming to the surface and gasping for air, it’s a sign of bad quality water in the aquarium. Ammonia or carbonate poisoning is known to cause swollen gills and cause fish to gasp for air.

What kind of drug is Molly in MDMA?

Turns out, molly is a pretty popular lady these days. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, molly is the powder or crystal form of MDMA — or 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a chemical drug most commonly known for its use in the pressed pill Ecstasy.

Why does my Molly fish have a white spot on its tail?

If your fish are injured while tank conditions are bad, opportunistic bacteria and fungi will take advantage of it. A tail that looks like it has been chewed up, shredded or stuck together, along with white milky regions in other parts of the body (advanced stages) are all signs of fin and tail rot. Treatment for fin and tail rot:

What does Molly look like in a capsule?

What does Molly look like? Molly can take many different forms, although it’s most often found in a capsule or powder. The DEA has also seen Molly applied to blotting paper, like LSD, and in injectable form. 5. What makes Molly so dangerous?

Where does the Molly in Molly come from?

Almost all the chemicals in Molly and other synthetic drugs come from laboratories in China. Chinese chemists sell the drugs online, and middle men in the United States and around the world cut it with other substances and either place it in capsules or sell it as powder.

What are some of the side effects of Molly?

According to the DEA, Molly can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems and drug cravings. Molly also inhibits the body’s ability to regulate temperature, resulting in hyperthermia, or elevated body temperature.

What causes white spots on a Molly fish?

1. White Spots (Ich or Ick) Easy to notice because of the white spots that appear on the skin and fins of your molly fish, Ich or Ick disease is easy to cure if you start treatment on time. The disease is caused by an ectoparasite.