What does it mean when a gerbil squeaks?

Animals make high-pitched sounds when they are hurt. A sharp squeak from a gerbil, therefore, most likely means that the rodent is hurt. If your pet makes that sound when you pick it up, it means that you have probably held them too tight.

How do you cheer up a gerbil?

You can help a depressed gerbil to recover by spending time with your pet and showing them affection. Exercise on a wheel can also help your pet to overcome loss and depression.

Why do gerbils talk to each other so much?

Gerbils talk to each other almost constantly. They use complex vocalizations to communicate with each other. Wild gerbils talk to each other so that they can: Warn other gerbils about approaching predators; Signify their desire to mate; Tell other gerbils when they’re hurt; Decide who’s the most dominant gerbil and establish the social ranking

What’s the best way to train a gerbil?

One of the most impressive gerbil tricks is their ability to memorize a maze. You can build a maze using cardboard walls. Place a treat at one end and your gerbil at the other, and watch it find its way. The more often your gerbil uses the maze, the more quickly it will solve it.

Why do Gerbils have burrows in their burrows?

This is because wild gerbils are prey animals, and burrows help them stay away from predators. Predators like birds of prey can’t reach them when they’re safely underground. Their burrows are where gerbils raise their young, and store their food. Many gerbils, including a mixture of males and females, will share a burrow.

Can a gerbil be taught to jump over obstacles?

Gerbils can be taught to leap onto their owner’s shoulder, to jump over obstacles or through hoops. However, a gerbil’s agility does have a downside. You must be careful where you keep your gerbil, because they’re great at escaping. Keep a lid on your gerbil’s cage or tank at all times.