What does it mean when labs are elevated?

Abnormally high results could point to a condition such as polycythemia vera or heart disease. Corpuscle (cell) sizes and their variations are also examined to provide additional diagnostic clues. White blood cells help your body fight illness and infections.

What does elevated kidney enzymes mean in dogs?

High levels indicate kidney failure or disease, dehydration, shock, certain toxin ingestions, poor circulation to the kidneys and urinary obstruction.

What does high PCT mean in dogs?

INTRODUCTION. Procalcitonin (PCT), a protein of approximately 14 kDa, is a precursor of the calcium regulating hormone calcitonin. Serum levels of PCT increase during bacterial infection. In humans it is used as a biomarker of sepsis. PCT mRNA levels increase in dogs with lymphoma, infection, and inflammation (ref 1).

What does it mean when a blood test comes back borderline?

Borderline. Take no action – This means that the doctor has looked at the result and deemed it to be just outside of the normal range and the result is not concerning. Abnormal, but expected. Take no action – This means that the doctor has looked at the result and no further investigation or treatment is needed.

What bloodwork shows kidney function in dogs?

The BUN (blood urea nitrogen) is one of three blood tests for kidney function. It is a good screening test but not perfect, as it only elevates significantly if kidney function is destroyed by 60% to 70%.

What is a PCT in a dog’s blood work?

Procalcitonin (PCT) is a blood test frequently performed if there is a suspicion of bacterial sepsis, a severe systemic infection that can become life-threatening. The procalcitonin test is an easy way to make the diagnosis quickly and potentially save lives.

What does a borderline test result mean?

A borderline result means that the test was between. normal and abnormal. There are several reasons why. results can fall in the borderline range, including: • Normal changes in baby’s body as they adjust to.