What does KET exam mean?

Key English Test
Cambridge English: Key, also known as the Key English Test (KET), is the lowest level General English exam in the Cambridge English range. It shows that you can communicate in basic English in everyday situations.

What English level is KET?

level A2
A score of 120 or above is considered a “pass” and students with that score will receive the KET Exam certificate, which corresponds to a level A2 in English on the CEFR. Students scoring 140 or above on the KET Exam will receive a Cambridge Key English Test certificate for level B1.

How is the KET exam?

The Key English Test is a pre-intermediate level examination and corresponds to level 2 of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The exam is made up of three papers: Reading and Writing, Speaking and Listening. Students can take either a computer-based or a paper-based exam.

What is PET and KET?

The Cambridge Key English test (KET) and Cambridge Preliminary English test (PET) are both available in two versions; a general version, and one for schools (‘KET for Schools’, and ‘PET for Schools’). Each test is targeted to individuals within a certain range of English ability, based on the CEFR scale.

What age is Cambridge KET for?

Cambridge English Exams for school children: KET, PET and FCE. Cambridge English has developed versions of their general English language exams specifically designed for school children (12 to 18 years old).

How long is the KET test?

The test has three sections: Reading & Writing – 60 minutes, 30 reading questions and two writing parts. Listening – 25 minutes. Speaking – 8-10 minutes.

How do you speak Ket?

In total, it should take 8-10 minutes. Generally, when you take the speaking part of the KET you will do the examination with another candidate….Part 1.

1 What’s your name?
2 How old are you?
3 What nationality are you?
4 Where do you live?
5 Are you are a student? Do you work or are you a student in …? What do you do/ study?

How many parts are in KET Speaking Test?

two parts
The A2 Key Speaking test has two parts and you take it with another candidate. There are two examiners.

Which is first Ket or pet?

The best way to get an international certificate in English is to complete the Cambridge English Language Test at ILC. Cambridge English exams A2 Key (KET), B1 Preliminary (PET), B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE), C2 Proficiency (CPE) are among the most widely taken language exams in the world.

How do I prepare for KET?

How to prepare for KET Reading and Writing

  1. read the instructions carefully before you start each section.
  2. take your time and don’t hurry. There is plenty of time to answer all the questions.
  3. study these vocabulary topics.
  4. study grammar at A2 level.
  5. study more reading exercises at A2 level.

What comes after the PET exam?

After successfully completing the B1 Preliminary (PET) exam, you will receive a Cambridge B1 certificate, and after getting “A” grade – a B2-level certificate that corresponds to the B2 First (FCE) exam. Even if you fail to successfully complete B1 Preliminary, you can still get an A2 certificate.

What level is Cambridge Flyers?

Level A2
Cambridge English: Young Learners demonstrates language proficiency at various levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Cambridge English: Starters is focused on pre-A1, Cambridge English: Movers is focused on Level A1 and Cambridge English: Flyers is focused on Level A2.

Is the Ket the easiest of the Cambridge exams?

The Key English Test is the easiest of the Cambridge exams. Who is it for? Do this test if you want to know your studies have started well and you have a basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking and listening. What is the KET test like?

How does the Ket for schools test work?

The KET for schools test has content of interest to school-age learners. Score. The Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking sections each count for 25% of the marks. You will receive a Statement of Results. If your performance ranges between CEFR Levels B1 and A1, you will also receive a certificate.

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Are there two versions of the Ket test?

There are two versions of the KET test: Both versions have the same type of questions. The KET for schools test has content of interest to school-age learners. The Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking sections each count for 25% of the marks. You will receive a Statement of Results.

What is Ket exam?

KET is an examination for speakers of other languages studying English. It tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The KET examination is at Cambridge Level One (Council of Europe Level A2).

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