What happens if a bearded dragon is cold for too long?

What happens if a bearded dragon is cold for too long?

Continuous low temperatures can cause prolonged brumation which will have adverse health effects. If your bearded dragon gets too cold for too long all of its body functions will struggle. The immune system will weaken, shedding will be poor, activity low. The worst effect will be on the digestive system.

What does it mean when your bearded dragon is cold?

The main reasons your bearded dragon could feel cold to the touch are inadequate vivarium temperature, time of day, brumation status, or possibly the dying process. Three out of four of these possibilities should cause little to no concern as long as they are dealt with appropriately.

How can I Keep my bearded dragons Tank Cool?

There really is only one way that you can easily and accurately keep the temperatures in your Bearded Dragons tank to a consistent level in both the basking area and cool spot as well as safeguarding against fluctuations in temperature and that’s by using a thermometer and thermostat.

Why is the Cool Spot On my bearded dragon too hot?

Another way the cool spot can become too hot is the incorrect placement of the basking lamp. This will happen when the temperature in the basking area in at the correct level but the basking lamp may be positioned a little too far into the middle of the tank.

When does a bearded dragon go into hibernation?

Bearded Dragon Brumation is a period of pseudo-hibernation where the adult bearded dragon spends long periods hiding, resting, and not eating. This is typically done in colder temperatures or when food or drink is scarce. While your lizard may not need to do this, its instincts may still force it into brumation.

What happens when a bearded dragon is dying?

If your bearded dragon is dying this can be a really difficult time for you and your family. My first experience of a dying bearded dragon was many years ago when one of my bearded dragons suddenly became very lethargic and uninterested in anything.

Why is my bearded dragon hiding from the Sun?

To cool down, this species instincts tell it to hide from the sun (in this case the lamp). Check the temperature of the vivarium to make sure the cool down area is getting cold enough. If it’s not, turn the lamp down (if possible) or move it more to one side of the tank, so the other side cools down.

What happens if my bearded dragon tank is too cold?

We will discuss it more in the next points. If your bearded dragon’s tank is too cold, it won’t be able to bask, digest food, maintain a healthy gut flora and be resistant to infections. Over time, low tank temperatures will lead to sickness, lethargy and other complications. Low temperatures will primary affect digestion.

How long does it take a bearded dragon to go back to normal?

Also, don’t expect them to have much of an appetite either. How long it will take your bearded dragon to go back to normal will vary on a case by case basis, with some beardies acting like their normal selves within a few days and others taking a whole month. Just be make sure to be patient.

What should I do if my bearded dragon is not basking?

A bearded dragon not receiving the proper basking temperatures will not stay in good health for very long. Once again, use a good thermometer to observe the temperatures. Try switching the cooler side of the terrarium with the basking side. This may force the bearded dragon to be in the basking area, which could help to perk it up a bit.