What happens if a Chinese water dragon gets infected?

What happens if a Chinese water dragon gets infected?

The dragon might have an injured area (snout comes to mind for some reason) that might now be infected- if it is infected the infection might become systemic, if it does, or has, then your dragon may experience appetite loss, become lethargic, his colour might change as well ie brown…

How long can a dragon go without food?

Dragons can go for a while without food but they wont last long without water- If your dragon isn’t drinking take it to a reptile vet ASAP. You may also be interested in reading the dehydration in reptiles page.

Why is my Chinese water dragon not passing stool?

8. Is your dragon defecating? (passing stool) If your dragon is not eating it may not pass any stool, but it is possible that your dragon has eaten something that has lodged in it’s digestive tract and cannot eat or pass stool because of this.

What can I do for my Chinese water dragon?

Basking lights, ceramic heaters, and human heating pads are all good sources of heat for your dragon. Heaters can be set up on a dimmer or a thermostat to help regulate the temperature in the enclosure. 4. What are the day time temps, night time temps?

What are the ailments of a Chinese water dragon?

Common Ailments of Chinese Water Dragons in Captivity Internal Parasites Seen mainly in wild caught water dragons, but captive bred animals can be contaminated with internal parasites by cross contamination with other infected animals or through some food items. The parasite load is generally worsened by poor import and pet trade conditions.

What to do if your water dragon has gastroenteritis?

Gastroenteritis Symptoms include loss of weight, listlessness, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. If your dragon exhibits these symptoms please take it to a veterinarian to have it’s stools checked for protozoan, bacterial or worm infections.

What should I do if I have a Chinese water dragon?

Clean the enclosure thoroughly disinfecting branches and the water container with a mild bleach solution. Replace the substrate and any other cage furniture that is easily replaceable in order to limit the spread of infection.

What happens if the temp of a dragon is too high?

If the temps are too high your dragon might not eat well, dehydrate and become lethargic.