What happens if a dog swallows a battery?

There are a few different scenarios, but due to the toxic contents of batteries, all require urgent veterinary attention. Sometimes, a dog swallows the battery whole, which is less of a risk for alkaline batteries, because their contents will be contained.

What should you do if you swallow a battery?

When a battery is swallowed, it is impossible to know whether it will pass through or get “hung up”. If anyone ingests a battery, this is what you should do: Immediately call the 24-hour National Battery Ingestion Hotline at 800-498-8666.

What should I do if my dog ate a battery?

If your dog is frequently exhibiting this behavior, it can be a sign of malnutrition or other medical conditions. If that sounds like your dog, be sure to take them to your vet for a check-up. In the case of dog bit battery or dog swallowed battery, the consequences can be quite severe.

Can a dog eat a Childs toy battery?

Your remote looks a little like a bone and before you know it, your Labrador has chewed through it, batteries and all. A dog might also eat a battery if it’s inside a child’s toy. Imagine leaving your dog at home one day and you accidentally forget to tidy up.

Can a dog eat a hearing aid battery?

Dogs eat many things they shouldn’t, but there are some phrases that alarm veterinarians more than others. “My dog swallowed a hearing aid battery” is one of them. Standard alkaline batteries are dangerous. Button batteries, also called disc batteries, bring additional risks to the table.

What happens if a battery is swallowed in a hearing aid?

Luckily, most hearing aid batteries are zinc air batteries, so they will not leak if swallowed. Furthermore, another study in Japan found that button batteries, like those in hearing aids, do not cause pressure damage when swallowed. This is because they are extremely small. However, it is still possible for these batteries to cause chemical burns.

After a dog swallows a battery or just simply chews on one, there are three types of possible injuries that can occur. Firstly, the physical pressure from the battery can damage tissue. Of course, the bigger the battery, the more damage it can cause. There is also the risk of it being lodged somewhere in the dogs throat.

What kind of batteries can a dog eat?

Hearing aids, watches, calculators, toys, key fobs. Even greeting cards can contain button batteries! Making it easy for your dog to ingest them while she is busy chewing on something tasty. Alkaline liquid can leak from button batteries, too. Especially if your dog punctures the battery before swallowing.