What happens if a dog swallows a tennis ball?

What happens if a dog swallows a tennis ball?

If your dog swallows half of or a whole tennis ball, this could cause a blockage requiring surgery which is both painful and potentially fatal, and expensive. Alternatively, a tennis ball lodged in your dog’s throat could block of their airway, causing your dog to choke to death.

What should I do if my dog ate a ball?

Socks, pants, needles and thread and other materials can cause a physical obstruction if they ball up, or can unravel and cause a linear foreign body that can lead to the small intestine bunching up and being cut through like cheese wire. My dog ate string, what should I do?

Is it okay to give your dog a tennis ball?

Dogs love nothing more than a fun game of fetch with a tennis ball. Tennis balls can provide hours of fun, they’re inexpensive to buy, have huge bounce, and are easy to see and catch. Unfortunately, dogs and tennis balls are not always a perfect match, and there are some potential health risks you should be aware of as a dog owner.

Why does a tennis ball have Fuzz on it?

The fuzz on a tennis ball is designed to be sturdy for hard use on the tennis court so is very abrasive. As the dog plays with the ball, dirt and sand are also accumulated making the coating even more abrasive.

Is it bad for a dog to chew on a tennis ball?

If your dog chews often on tennis balls, you could notice the tooth wear as the tips of your dog’s teeth become less sharp. Tennis balls, albeit a cheap and fun activity for your dog, pose yet another health problem. For large dogs, their strong jaws are capable of compressing a tennis ball.

Can a tennis ball be harmful to a dog?

Tennis balls can be choking hazards, can wear down teeth, and the fuzz can cause digestive issues. At the very least dogs should be supervised when playing with tennis balls, and some heavy chewers should stay away from them entirely.

Are tennis balls bad for dogs?

Tennis balls can also cause bowel obstructions if your dog chews them apart. Signs of bowel obstruction are vomiting, especially after eating, diarrhea, and weakness. Another tennis ball danger for dogs over 80 pounds is choke. Large dogs with large throats can sometimes aspirate the ball,…

Are tennis balls bad for dog’s teeth?

Puppies in particular are vulnerable to having their teeth worn down if they chew tennis balls. The synthetic fibers in tennis balls can act as sandpaper, wearing down dogs’ teeth in the back, where owners are unlikely to see the damage.