What if a fish has ammonia poisoning?


  1. Frequent change of water or increase the water flow will reduce the ammonia level.
  2. Adding fresh water will dilute the ammonia concentration.
  3. Transfer the fish if the ammonia level reaches 2.5 ppm.
  4. Avoid accumulation of excess feed or even stop feeding the fish if detected in an established pond.

What do you need to know about Oscar fish?

Oscar Fish are a fascinating fish that are not only intelligent and fun to interact with but also beautiful to look at. If you are ready for the challenge of keeping this popular tropical fish, we hope this guide has given you some nuggets of information to make your job a little bit easier.

What’s the difference between male and female Oscar fish?

Female Oscar fish have an “egg tube” that fully retracts inside of her when they are not in the process of breeding whereas a male Oscar will have a single sharp spike that he will use to fertilise the eggs. Female Oscars will enter a breeding season when they sense that the rainy season is upon them.

How big of an aquarium do I need for a lemon Oscar?

This fish is relatively easy to care for and it is very hard. But you have to make sure that you are keeping it in a well filtered, clean and clear aquarium. If you want to breed Lemon Oscars then you will need a large tank of at least 100 gallons or more.

When did the Oscar and the blood parrot fight?

The Oscar and the Blood Parrot used to fight like this every so often. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them do it, so I guess they sorted things out. Thanks for watching! Loading…

Is it OK to feed Oscar fish live food?

First of all, if you feed a lot of live food to your Oscar Fish then you may be spoiling your fish and your fish may reject to eat any other type of fish food. Live food is a very nutritious food but they don’t provide all the nutrients that a fish require for their proper growth.

What are the different types of Oscar fish?

As these are just different varieties of Oscar Fish the requirements like the water condition, tank size, and food are nearly the same. Also, their behavior is very similar. 2 1. Lemon Oscar 3 2. Tiger Oscar 4 3. Albino Tiger Oscar Fish 5 4. Blue Oscar Fish 6 5. Blueberry Oscar Fish 7 6. Golden Oscar Fish 8 7. Black Oscar Fish 9 8. Green Oscar Fish

What kind of disease does an Oscar fish have?

Bacterial Infections: lethargic (often inactive for long periods of time), bloated body, cloudy eyes, bulging eyes, abscesses, red streaks throughout its body, loss of colour, open sores, inflammation or reddening of the skin.

What’s the best pH level for Oscar fish?

The pH level below 7.0 will greatly reduce the toxicity of ammonia. Alternatively, an alkaline pH can make ammonia more toxic. This is why having a low pH is always beneficial.