What is a marble eye leopard gecko?

The Marble Eye is a new recessive genetic eye mutation in leopard geckos that causes the eye to have a three dimensional look. It first popped out in our Tremper (albino) sunglow line. Initially it seemed to be just an eye genetic but it is proving to have some hidden genes that we never thought would be expressed.

What are gecko eyes called?

By detecting light and dark it allows lizards to detect the movement of predators. Sometimes referred to as “pineal eye” or “third eye”, it it visible as an opalescent gray spot on the top of some lizard’s heads.

What is stargazing leopard gecko?

If your leopard gecko stargazing persists, then it could well be a health issue called Enigma Syndrome, or ES for short. ES is a neurological disorder which is closely related too, or the equivalent to Autism.

What are good leopard gecko names?

Cute Leopard Gecko Names

  • Apricot.
  • Bubbles.
  • Daisy.
  • Dotty.
  • Fluffy.
  • Freckles.
  • Gucci.
  • Jub-Jub.

What is hyper Xanthic leopard gecko?

The Hyper Xanthic Leopard Gecko is a line bred morph known for it’s near florescent yellow coloration and high marking contrast. These geckos exhibit an excessive amount of yellow on their bodies and the best examples also have yellow pigments extended into their tails.

Can geckos see color?

The gecko ancestor was active at day too, which actually helps explain how geckos evolved their extraordinary nocturnal colour vision. In other words, the geckos can see colours by the light of the Moon. The researchers estimate that gecko colour vision is 350 times more sensitive to low light than ours.

What kind of eye infection does a leopard gecko have?

Your leopard gecko could also suffer from pinkeye, or what is technically known as conjunctivitis. It presents as an inflammation of the pink tissue that lines the lids of your leo’s eyes. The pinkish-red part of the eye is known as the conjunctiva, and it is prone to bacterial infection especially in leopard geckos.

What kind of ulcer does a leopard gecko have?

Leopard Gecko Eye Ulcers. When a foreign body gets stuck in your gecko’s eye or other trauma occurs to the eyeball itself, damage to the clear, outer coating of the eye called the cornea may occur resulting in the formation of an ulcer. An ulcer is a hole or tear in the cornea and it can be a small spot or cover the entire eyeball.

What kind of gecko has light orange eyes?

Tremper leopard gecko morphs are sometimes known as the Texas gecko. They are a light yellow, orange, or pink in color and may have light orange or brown markings. They often have silver eyes and visible red veins.

Which is the biggest leopard gecko in the world?

The Godzilla is the largest leopard gecko morph. A member of the giant family these geckos are all descendants of a super-giant named “Godzilla”. Godzilla weighs a whopping 170 grams and currently holds the world record for the heaviest leopard gecko!

What kind of gecko has light pink eyes?

Bell Albino Leopard Gecko – reptilecalculator.com This gecko was first discovered by Mark Bell and is also called the Florida Albino. It is distinguished from other albino leopard geckos by the color of its eyes. The Bell geckos have light pink eyes, and its skin color has lavender tones with brown markings.

How much does a leopard gecko eye morph cost?

RAPTOR Leopard Gecko RAPTOR is an acronym for Red-eye Albino Patternless Tremper Orange. The RAPTOR morph is unique because of their plain orange bodies and solid red eyes. This eye morph is the combination of breeding five generation of orange morphs and cost $80 – $150.

What is the real name of a leopard gecko?

Banana Blizzard Leopard Gecko Often, a bright yellow Blizzard morph is sold as a Banana Blizzard, but their real name is a Yellow-colored Patternless Gecko. 5.

Can a leopard gecko have an eye problem?

Since leopard geckos can have such a wide variety of eye issues, treatment depends on the problem. Quite often, these matters are serious and your exotics vet will need to diagnose the issue and prescribe treatment. Sometimes you’ll need to handle follow-up treatment at home.