What is a reptiles prey?

Lizards hunt mainly insects. Snakes target prey such as rodents and birds. Some snakes subdue their victims with VENOM. Crocodiles prey on creatures as large as wildebeest. Turtles and terrapins eat mainly fish and invertebrates.

How do reptiles sense prey?

Chemically sensitive organs, used by many reptiles to find their prey, are located in the nose and in the roof of the mouth. Part of the lining of the nose is made up of cells subserving the function of smell and corresponding to similar cells in other vertebrates.

What are reptiles used for?

Reptiles are important components of the food webs in most ecosystems. They fill a critical role both as predator and prey species. Herbivorous species can also be important seed dispersers, particularly on island habitats.

Why did Makara send the tortoise out of the forest?

Question 2 : Why did Makara made the tortoises leave the forest? Answer : Makara made the tortoises leave the forest because they were slow and stupid. According to Makara, the tortoises carry their houses on their backs. He said the tortoises were slowcoaches and gave them a week’s time to leave the forest.

Who was the leader of all the reptiles?

Very, very long ago, there were no animals in Pambupatti, only reptiles. They had a meeting every month. Their leader, Makara, would chair the meeting. Misusing his power, Makara ordered the tortoises and snakes to leave the forest.

What kind of animals do reptiles live in?

Reptiles breathe using lungs. Most species of reptiles eat other animals, and most lay eggs on land to breed. Reptiles alive today include lizards, snakes, tortoises, turtles, crocodiles, and alligators.

What kind of legs does a reptile have?

Most reptiles have four legs, and some can run quickly to chase down their prey. Others, such as snakes, have no legs and move by pushing against the ground with their long, flexible bodies. Like mammals and birds, reptiles have lungs and breathe air.

What makes a reptile a cold blooded animal?

Reptiles are cold-blooded, which means that they rely on heat from their surroundings to warm up. They are vertebrates (animals with backbones) and have dry skin, covered either with scales or horny plates. Reptiles breathe using lungs.

Why do Reptiles need to be in the Sun?

Reptiles are cold-blooded, meaning that they rely on the warmth of the sun to keep their bodies active. Most reptiles hatch from eggs. Smaller reptiles need to protect themselves from larger predators.

What did Makara ask the tortoise?

4. What all animals did Makara asked to leave the forest and why? Answer- Firstly, Makara asked tortoise to leave the forest, as per him the tortoise were slow and stupid and they carried their homes on their backs. Second, he asked the snakes to leave as he thought of the snake are slimy and make weird noises.

Do humans eat reptiles?

The consumption of a wide variety of species of reptiles caught from the wild has been an important source of protein for humans world-wide for millennia, especially turtles. According to the U.S. Army Survival Manual, all reptiles are edible, and small lizards can be eaten hole.