What is a works cited page used for?

Works cited pages appear at the end of a research paper. Works cited means the same as references but it differs from a bibliography. A works cited page is a list of the works that you referenced in the body of your paper, whereas a bibliography is a list of all sources you used in your research.

What does approximately one page mean?

Generally it means single-spaced unless otherwise stated. If they give vague length limits though, they won’t mind if you’re a bit under or over.

What does 2 double spaced pages mean?

In text formatting, a double space means sentences contain a full blank line (the equivalent of the full height of a line of text) between the rows of words. By default, most programs have single spacing enabled, which is a slight space between each line of text, similar to how this paragraph looks.

Does Approximately mean exactly?

Approximately is close to a particular time, measurement, or number — but it’s not exact. If you plan to meet a friend at approximately 2:00, it will be okay if you are a bit early or late.