What is Declanning in gerbils?

Declanning is the term for when a clan split apart. There are several reasons why gerbil clans split. They all relate to changes in the existing social structure. Declanning causes fights between gerbils.

Why does my gerbil sit and stare?

So why do gerbils stare at their owners? A gerbil will stare at you when they’re unsure if you’re a friend or a threat to them. Gerbils will also stare at you when they associate you with something like being fed or playing. It’s normal behavior when they look at you for short periods of time though.

What are the signs of gerbils declanning?

If you notice that your gerbils are bullying each other, this could be declanning. It could also be a trivial fight. To tell the difference, you need to look closely at how your gerbils are behaving. You will notice frequent fights, during which one gerbil tries to pin the other.

Why do gerbils run and touch each other?

If you own a pair of gerbils, they will greet each other by running and touching their mouths or noses together. They do this because they recognize each other by the taste of their saliva or the scent of their body. It is a good sign if your gerbils do this, as it means they are eager and happy to see each other.

What happens when a gerbil leaves the cage?

Fights can get serious and involve the use of teeth. You may also notice squeaking, gerbils sleeping separately, and the losing gerbil will be excited to leave the cage. You must separate your gerbil group. After declanning, you’ll need a new enclosure which has all the features of the old one.

How does a dominant gerbil groom his subordinate?

The dominant gerbil will groom the subordinate gerbil first, every time. Gerbils sleep together in large burrows. These burrows are made by the gerbils themselves, so there is enough room inside for all (unless the gerbils live in a small cage). However, it’s possible for one gerbil to be rejected.