What is mange on a hamster?

Mange is caused by small mites that live in the hair follicles and skin. Mange symptoms include dry, scaly skin and fur loss. Symptoms are usually concentrated around the ears or on the hamster’s back. Home treatments are possible but they will not treat any potential underlying diseases.

What should I Feed my Campbell’s dwarf hamster?

Campbell’s Hamster Diet In the wild, Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters consume a variety of grains, seeds and vegetables. However, pet owners may experience problems when attempting to apply this wild diet. Campbell’s Dwarf Hamsters should be kept away from many common foods, some of which may be suitable for other rodents.

Why does my Campbell’s dwarf hamster groom itself?

Many pet owners observe that the hamster may groom itself when in an unfamiliar location. This is done to scent the feet, creating a trail which would enable the hamster to find its way back to the burrow. This behaviour may also be used to revisit a location with plentiful food. These scent trails may persist for up to eight days.

Is the Campbell’s Dwarf Russian hamster a good pet?

Campbell’s dwarf Russian hamsters are also noted for having furred feet. Campbell’s dwarf Russian hamsters are nocturnal but may be active for short times during the day too. They make good pets, but they have a bit of a reputation for nipping if they feel threatened.

What kind of habitat does Campbell’s dwarf hamster live in?

Habitat. In parts of Mongolia, the hamsters may also share burrows with species of Meriones to save them from digging their own. In Tuva, Campbell’s dwarf hamsters have been found living with other hamsters, such as the Chinese striped hamster, the Roborovski hamster, and the long-tailed dwarf hamster.

Is there care guide for Campbell’s dwarf hamster?

They are very similar in appearance, care and behaviour but this care guide will focus specifically on the Campbell’s hamster (we have a separate care guide for Winter White hamsters). Caring for any type of dwarf hamster is pretty simple and just requires a little bit of knowledge.

What’s the difference between Campbell’s dwarf hamster and Djungarian hamster?

Campbell’s dwarf hamster does not turn white in the winter and has a grey tint to its fur. It has a smaller interorbital breadth but has a larger auditory bulla. Campbell’s dwarf hamster is much less tolerant to lower temperatures than the Djungarian hamster.

How did pet Campbell’s Dwarf Russian hamster get its name?

They are one of the fastest hamsters, sometimes making it difficult to keep hold of them. It gets its name from Charles William Campbell, the first Westerner to capture and name one in Asia in 1904. In the wild, they dig deep burrows, which they line with wool and grasses to keep warm in winter.

Is the Campbell’s Russian hamster the same as the winter white?

The dwarf Campbell’s Russian hamster is often mistaken for its cousin, the dwarf winter white, but they are actually two different species. The Campbell’s is a Phodopus campbelli, while the winter white is a Phodopus sungorus.Sometimes the hamster you purchase in a pet store is actually a hybrid. Other Names: