What is the best time to breed a pug?

When deciding to breed your female pug, you should make sure she is at least 18 months old. This means she should have gone through at least three heat cycles, which will allow her the right amount of time to fully grow and mature. This will make sure that she can handle the rigors of pregnancy and giving birth.

How old does a pug have to be to breed?

Female Pugs can breed from the age of 2 and a half years old, up to an age of 8 at the maximum. These are said to be the safest ages at which breeding should be allowed. It’s because they will have gone through enough heat cycles in this bracket.

What happens if you breed a pug too many times?

Pugs are one of those breeds who have become more popular in recent years, and that has led to some irresponsible breeders looking to cash in. This leads to some of the more unscrupulous ones breeding their Pug too many times. This causes health problems for the mother and sometimes the puppies. Not all breeders do this though.

Why are pugs the best type of dog?

Pugs are amongst the most social dog breeds. They are the perfect type of dog to have if you need a charming, amusing, and affectionate companion. Their fun-loving character is the cause why they are usually difficult to resist.

How often does a female pug go into heat?

Your female pug will come into heat about twice a year, or roughly once every six months. Her heat period will last about three to four weeks. She will undergo physical changes and her behavior may change some during heat. Male dogs will also be more drawn to her during this time.

When do pug puppies become full grown dogs?

Since pugs are a small breed of dog, their transformation from puppy to adult might not be as dramatic as a large breed dog, but they still do grow. Normall y, pug puppies should be at their adult size by the time they are 9 months old.

How big should a 9 month old pug be?

By the time that your pug is 9 months old, he should be approaching his final adult size. Even though he is likely to gain a little more weight after 9 months, he should already weigh 19 pounds, remembering that some dogs are slightly bigger or smaller. Your puppy should be finished teething by this point.

How often can a female pug get pregnant?

Watch for her heat. The only time a pug can get pregnant is during her heat. Your female pug will come into heat about twice a year, or roughly once every six months. Her heat period will last about three to four weeks.

What should I do if I want to breed a pug?

Performing health checks yourself as a breeder is vital; so is encouraging other breeders perhaps less “in the know” than you to clear their pug breeding stock from all known medical conditions. As Pugs are very inquisitive and curious dogs, they will often damage an eye, simply by investigating the garden.

How much should a 14 week old pug weight?

Pug Weight Chart by Age

Age Average Weight in lbs
13 Weeks 6. 5 lbs (2.948 kg)
14 Weeks 7 lbs (3.175 kg)
15 Weeks 7.5 lbs (3.401 kg)
16 Weeks 5 – 8 lbs (3.628 kg)